Welch High School
THE early years

Welch High School opened in 1913.  The following photos, courtesy of Elizabeth Haynes Lovett, are from the 1913-1916 era. 

Possibly the first WHS student body


This photo is also featured in the last On the Hill annual of 1978 and is identified as 1914 WHS faculty members.  L to R are, to the best of our knowledge, Herrick Grossman, assistant principal, ??, Ethel Remley, Mary Randolph, Miss Hughes,  & A.G. Breaks.

Home economics class

Early attempt at vocational training

1915-1916 WHS boys' basketball team

Identified thus far (by his proud daughter, Judy Counts) is Dr. Wm. Ralph Counts standing second from the right. Second from the left is William E. Booth, Jr. from Kimball (identified by his son, Bill Booth).

1915-1916 WHS girls' basketball team
(Those are NOT skirts they are wearing!)

Thanks to Elizabeth Lovett for helping with this web page and entrusting me with her wonderful old photographs.  Please email either of us if you can assist in identifying any of these folks.
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