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May 21-25, 2001

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After our shore tours, you could usually find a few of us chilling out at the ship's  Windjammer Cafe where you could get a bite to eat and a refreshing drink.  Some of those drinks were so refreshing, a few of us had supernatural sightings.  Rich and Bill can attest to this.

Many spent the afternoons giving away their money at the ship's Casino Royale, others played bingo, lounged at the pool, visited the karaoke bar, or took a long, much-needed nap!

Without fail (except for one night when one couple napped right through until the next day!), we all convened for dinner around 8 pm each evening in the Maytime Dining Room. 

Robert & Elizabeth (Jones) - class of '65 - Walker

Patricia - class of '50 - Jones and her friend, Doris Uliss

Billy Ray - class of '61 - and Mary Lou Christian

Connie - class of '64 - and Carol (Turner) - class of '75 - Collins

Rich - class of '59 -  and Reva (Baker) - class of '61 - Stevenson

Rod - class of '65 - and Sharlene Mabe (BCHS)
with their daughter, Ashley.

Rod with his son-in-law, Nicholas and daughter, Amy

Brenda - class of '61 - (Conn) Norwood and her friend, Harry Artley

Our waitress, who made every single dish sound as delicious as it turned out to be.

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