Love Blooms, Grows, and is Rekindled On the Hill
Featuring Couples from Welch High School
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Sue Hornbuckle and Tommy Gentry
Sue and Tommy attended school together from the 4th grade. They began dating during their 1964-65 school year.  They graduated in 1966 and married in June 1968.  They now live in Axton, VA and have three children and two grandchildren.

Dana Clark & Bill Hodges
1956 WHS graduates, Dana & Bill were married September 4, 1958.  They currently own a farm in Alleghany County, VA where they raise beef cattle.  They have two grown sons, one a teacher, age 38, and the other a chemical engineer, age 25.  Both Dana and Bill worked over 30 years in the field of education.  Since retirement, "we stay pleasantly busy and wonder when we ever had time to work."

Mary Frances Kirchner & Bob Sult 
Both were 1934 WHS graduates.  Mary Frances lived in Welch and worked at Franklin Dairy Store until after graduation when she went to Baltimore, MD to attend nursing school.  Bob lived in Kimball and drove a school bus during his last 2 years in high school.  They dated off and on during and after high school and were married Thanksgiving Day 1937. Bob worked for American Electric Power Company for 28 years.  They lived in WV, VA and Ohio until he retired in 1978 when they moved to NC.  Mary entered a nursing home in April 1998; Bob continues to live in their home in Boiling Spring Lakes, NC.  They have four married sons, nine grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.
P.S.  Bob passed away July 13, 2002

Debbi Burcham & Bill "Bubby" Bean

Bub is a 1970 WHS graduate and Debbi graduated from WHS in 1971.  She tells us,  "We met for the first time, my first day of junior had to have been love at first sight.  We were together off & on until graduation and have been ever since."  Bub and Debbi now live in Roanoke, VA.  They have two "wonderful" sons:  Chad, who just turned 23 and Cory, 17.  "We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary March 17, 2000 and are still going strong!"


Doris Greathead and Harold Turner
Harold attended WHS  in the late '30s and Doris is a graduate of the class of 1944.  They married in August 1947.  Doris passed away in November 1998 and Harold, in May 2000.  They lived in Bluefield and are survived by two children and one grandchild. Their son, Allen, graduated from WHS in 1970 and daughter, Carol Collins, was with the class of '75.  Grandson, Chad Blackburn, a '94 Graham High School graduate, attended Welch Junior High 1988-1991.

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