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Oct-2000 - Feb-2001

See the NEW Message Board 
Saturday, 24-Feb-01 20:28:46

    No need to wait for March 5, to get this show on the road. I've set up our new message board HERE.

    Be sure to change your bookmarks.

    Please do NOT post any more messages here. All these messages will be removed by March 5, 2001.
    If you recently posted something you want to be sure everybody sees, like your new email address, etc. you might want to post it on the new message board. I don't know how long it's going to take me to get these old messages formatted and posted elsewhere for viewing. And, even then, you will not be able to add comments to them. 

    Donnie Skuja 

    Donnie Skuja

Re: We want another Sensational Sixties Reunion 
Saturday, 24-Feb-01 20:11:25

    The classes of 62, 63 and 64 are having a reunion in June of 2001 which may limit the participation for another reunion for that group in 2002. Many folks do not enjoy going annually.


More Yearbooks available on CD 
Friday, 23-Feb-01 15:58:47

    Talked with Bob Martin today and he reports that the following WHS yearbooks are now available on CD: 1922, 1925, 1929, 1932, 1947, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964.

    To order one of these CDs, send $30 to Bob at: 200 Grist Mill Drive, Beckley, WV 25801

    More information about the CDs can be found HERE.

    Donnie Skuja

McDowell highway 
Thursday, 22-Feb-01 08:31:05

    For those of you that don't read the Bluefield or Beckley papers, and I know from the messages directed at me, that there are lots of you. It looks like the new highway is running hot and cold. Not a done deal. Those of you still living in WVA may want to contact the governor.

    Jerry Farris

class of 1965 reunion info 
Wednesday, 21-Feb-01 07:12:41

Sensational 60's Reunion 
Tuesday, 20-Feb-01 19:48:03

    I hope we are all planing to have another reunion
    Summer of 2002 The 1999 Reunion was such great Fun thanks to all that work so hard on the reunion,I know by being on special committes at my work that it is hard work, and I know that this is a lot more work that it takes much time and lots of hard work to get together such an event,I would love to help on the next reunion so please let me know If I can Help out.

    Sue Phillips White

Be your own Detective! (no pay, good pat on the back!) 
Tuesday, 20-Feb-01 09:45:24

    I wonder - how often do any of you check on the guest book or the missing person pages? And do you try to help those who post requests? I don't check it out as often as I should, but when I find one I possible can help I email them with possible links to pursue. I do hear back from them with a "thank you." What is so sad is the their requests are about 2 months old. It doesn't matter if they get 3 or 4 messages, some is better than none. All of us together make up a lot of "years and information." Between the bunch of us, someone is bound to come up with the right email, phone number or contact person. How about we make a promise to keep an "eye" on those pages and help our fellow classmates and neighbors. (someone may be looking for YOU!)


1969 Class Reunion 
Monday, 19-Feb-01 22:02:39

    The Welch High School Reunion Committee is making
    plans for a reunion this summer. We had so much
    fun two years ago that we want to do it again. It will be held the weekend of August 10th and 11th at the Ramada Inn in Bluefield. Letters will be sent out sometime in March. The theme is "Happy Birthday to US" since most of us are turning 50 this year, or have already turned 50 in the last couple of years. Of course, we don't feel or act like we are 50. Do we????? Everyone is welcome to come. We will post more information later. Take Care!!!

    Mary F. Clark

Time To Reflect? 
Monday, 19-Feb-01 14:45:40

    From time to time we see message threads on this site which make one wonder why anyone would even consider submitting such material. I often wonder if those who endorse these subjects take the time to consider the "good" this site was intended to represent. For those who may forget, I suggest you re-visit the home page of the WHS Alumni site and reaquaint yourselves with the spirit and the intent of those who unselfishly provided this forum for us to experience a common sense of shared pride in our hometown of Welch, WV and McDowell County Public Schools. 

    Throughout the brief history of this site, we've suffered through (thankfully) few readings of several indignities expressed toward former classmates who have been admonished and otherwise treated unfairly and with disdain -- most notably the recent unfortunate attacks on the integrity of a former WHS grad and Viet Nam veteran come to mind. It bothers me to see people victimized on a site which was intended to bring each of us fond memories and the happiness of a shared past.

    So, for what it's worth, I respectfully suggest that each of us give serious consideration to the meaning and to the effect(s) on others of the material we post to this site. We have the good fortune of knowing that the site's Webmaster is very conscious of and sensitive to the information and material we share on this website. We should have no less confidence in ourselves to appreciate the sensitivity of how our words and messages may impact others who share this site.

    Not to forget that everyone's right to free expression is guaranteed, I offer only that we think about the effects of that free expression on others for whom we care and with whom we share a common bond of an upbringing in that little town of Welch.

    Bob Greene

The Maitland Smiths 
Monday, 19-Feb-01 10:58:00

    Thanks to all of you who responded to my request for the addresses of David Bowlick and Kenny Crabtree. Been too busy to answer my e-mail. Not lucky enough to retire yet.
    John, Jerry, and I are planning to come to the reunion in Oct. so will look forward to seeing you all.
    John told me yesterday he will have a computer within the next couple of weeks. I'll post his e-mail address when the time comes. He's not real computer savvy but then neither am I.

    Linda Smith Stacy

(No subject) 
Monday, 19-Feb-01 10:06:40

'63 Reunion 
Saturday, 17-Feb-01 23:34:58

    For any of you who haven't heard yet, the class of '63 is planning a reunion in June of this year (I'll get the exact date from Linda Counts Miller in another day or two). Linda Counts Miller and Eddie Blevins are coordinating the reunion. They have very graciously invited the classes of '62 and '64 to join them. Linda has asked me to handle the class of '64 for her. I'll be sending out registration info to all those '64 graduates that I have addresses for as soon as I get the exact dates (this will be a two day affair) from Linda. She's kinda been bragging to me about all the classmates she has from '62 who have expressed an interest in coming so I hope all you '64s out there will once again consider joining in and showing 'em why we're still the biggest and baddest class that ever came off "the hill". If anyone from '64 hasn't received a letter from me by March 15th and wish to get one, please call me at (304) 436-4900 and I'll get one to you pronto.
    There are a handful of classmates out there that I haven't been able to get an address for or I'm not sure that the address I have is current. Anyone who can contact the following people, please let me know:
    Mary Sue Bailey (Cook?), Virginia Barley Cline, Vickie Blizzard Dixon, Lillian Bunting (lepping?), Glenn or Johnnie Canfield, Carl Cline, Katherine or Rita Linsey, Linda Lucado, Billy Marion, Juanita Moore, Glenna Mullens (Nesmith?), and Garland Murphy.
    I hope everyone who possibly can make it will gather with us this year. If you can't make I hope you'll at least send us you're address and tell us a little about yourself. I've talked to several old classmates through the years and we all seem to agree that what made the '60s so great for us was the people we shared our high school days with. Each of you who's been to some of the past reunions should reach out to those who haven't and encourage them to join us at this one. Hope to get a reply from all of you and most of all I hope to see all of you.
    Ronnie Collins '64 

    Ronnie Collins

Class of 53 
Saturday, 17-Feb-01 15:00:19

    Just wanted to let you know that Eddie Larese (formerly of Kimball) passed away Feb. 9th. You can read more in the "In Memoriam" section. 


Williamson Paper 
Friday, 16-Feb-01 05:19:49

    The Williamson paper has a new look also. 

    Jerry Farris '57

Bluefield-Beckley papers 
Thursday, 15-Feb-01 19:03:58

    I signed up for email delivery of both of the papers but haven't received either. Has anyone received them?

    Jerry Farris

Burley Warf 
Thursday, 15-Feb-01 10:21:34

    Burley and I were very good friends in high school and, in my opinion, he's always been an honest, straight forward guy. He was a Marine sniper in Vietnam and as a matter of fact, his picture was in either Newsweek or Time magazine back in l971 or '72. Did "the wiz" ever stop to think that maybe Burley is starting to deal w/his war experiences by now being able to talk about them? I can't believe anyone would write to this website questioning someone's integrity like this person did Burley's. He's a good guy and a good friend. He was at last year's reunion and that was the first time I'd seen him in 20 years and is still the same sweet person he was in high school. Are we now going to start double checking with all the alumni about anything and everything we tell anyone about our lives? Give me a break!

    Diane Turner Clemins

Mary Cunningham 
Wednesday, 14-Feb-01 16:03:17

    Recently was with Carolyn Jones Micale'59 for several days. She asked about you. If you or any alumni (who knows where you are) see this please answer and I will give your address to Carolyn

1942 Graduate of Welch High 
Wednesday, 14-Feb-01 16:00:24

Beckley Paper 
Wednesday, 14-Feb-01 05:18:22

    The Beckley paper now has a new format like the Bluefield one. 

    You can have it sent via email also.

    Jerry Farris '57

Free Virus Check for Your PC 
Tuesday, 13-Feb-01 22:53:06

    If you don't have an anti-virus program on your PC or if you simply want to run a second virus check, The Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC) provides a free online virus scan. This virus scan includes a check for the new worm named VBS.SST@mm (ANNAKOURNIKOVA.JPG.VBS)which is spreading rapidly through e-mail. Be sure to run a virus check to ensure that your PC is not infected.


Donald "Corky" Miller '53 
Tuesday, 13-Feb-01 16:19:31

    Would anyone remember Donald Gene "Corky" Miller,class of 53? I was married to him for 21 years. He passed away in 1979. His two children would love to hear from anyone who knew their dad. Thanks.

    Patricia Phillips Miller Marvin

More Info 
Tuesday, 13-Feb-01 16:08:13

    In asking to hear from old friends I forget to mention that I would love to hear from anyone who knew my husband, Donald Gene "Corky" Miller, class of 53. He passed away in 1979. His two children would love to hear from someone who knew their dad.

    Patricia Phillips Miller Marvin

REUNION!!! Attention 1962, 1963 & 1964 Grads 
Tuesday, 13-Feb-01 15:52:04

    Our reunion plans are complete. The final package in being mailed now. Our mailing started last Thursday and will continue through this week and as we receive new addresses, we will mail a package. If you have not provided us with a mailing address and are interested in attending, please forward your mailing address. We have a comprehensive list for 63 and 64, however, our 62 list is short. We continue to search for classmates as we want to contact as many folks as we can. Look forward to seeing you in June!!!!

    If you know any addresses for folks in these classes, send them to us or get in touch with them and let them know about the reunion. Thanks.


Dubbya is coming to Charleston on Feb. 14 
Tuesday, 13-Feb-01 14:51:05
    Dubby will be in Charleston, WV on Valentine's Day. I think he loves WV because it was a great factor in his being elected president.

(No subject) 
Tuesday, 13-Feb-01 14:02:44
    I am a graduate of the class of 58. Would love to hear from anyone from the classes of 56,57 and 58 who remember me. My sister is Linda Phillips Davis,class of 61 I think. 

    Patricia Phillips Miller Marvin

Looking for high school friends 
Tuesday, 13-Feb-01 13:50:18
    Does anyone have information regarding Barbara Verdiglione Tippitt (spelling) and Phyllis Warren Hamilton?

    Patricia Phillips Marvin

Bluefield Paper 
Tuesday, 13-Feb-01 05:00:01
    Check out the new Bluefield Daily Telegraph online. You can have it emailed to you now. 

    Jerry Farris '57

More School Consolidation in the County? 
Monday, 12-Feb-01 19:07:27
    I heard that McDowell Bd. Of EDU plans to
    close BCHS, Iaeger HS and Gary HS (I thought GHS kids already went to Mount View) and all kids will be bused to Welch (Mount View, I presume) HS
    beginning the Fall of 2003. Anybody know anything about this?

House for Sale 
Sunday, 11-Feb-01 12:59:06
    My parents, Ernest and Margaret White, have decided to move to Princeton to be closer to their doctors. Therefore, our home on 88 Maple Avenue is for sale, at an unbelievable price of $70,000. If interested please give them a call at 304-487-1585.

    Patty White McGee

Bluefield Daily Telegraph Online Edition back online 
Saturday, 10-Feb-01 09:18:26
    For all those interested, I just visited the Bluefield Daily Telegraph online edition. Looks as though their new provider has solved whatever problem existed and they are now back online, same url

    Tilford Marshall

Anyone know Burley Warf? 
Friday, 09-Feb-01 23:43:23
    i'm an acquaintance of Burley Warf in Roanoke, VA. I'm trying to find out if he's for real. Guy claims to have been a Marine sniper in 'Nam. Brags about his kill count. Don't hear of too many 'Nam vets bragging about their experiences over there, so would like any info anyone might offer up if they remember this guy. Looks like he showed for your reunion last year, so i was hoping someone might enlighten me on the low down. please email me if you can oblige. Thanks.

    the wiz

Alert to Juno Users 
Friday, 09-Feb-01 20:17:28
    I've got Juno on my PC as a backup email service, and I know several of you use it as a primary email service. However, it has just come to my attention that Juno recently revised their user agreement to include unlimited access to the computation abilities of your computer. This program would allow data to be downloaded to your computer, computed and then sent back to the source.

    Part of Juno's User Agreement states that they can: "download to your computer one or more pieces of software (the "Computational Software") designed to perform computations" 
    "Juno may require you to leave your computer turned on at all times, and may replace the "screen saver" software that runs on your computer while the computer is turned on but you are not using it" 

    And that might lead you to wonder, "What happens if Juno's software trashes my system?" That's spelled out in the rest of the amended terms of service: The subscribers must perform these forced services at their own risk and expense: You pay for the power consumed to run Juno's calculations; you pay for the call (if needed)
    to send in the results; and if Juno's software crashes your PC and eats your data, well, tough luck.

    If you wish to confirm this information, see Juno's web site:

    Donnie Skuja

Class of 1953 
Friday, 09-Feb-01 19:07:04
    I need the names and e-mail addresses of any WHS grads of the class of 1953. 1954 could be helpful as well. Anyone living on Lake Drive during the late '40's or early '50's please send me your name and e-mail. Thanks.

re the omigosh! message 
Friday, 09-Feb-01 17:43:25
    First of all, forgive me for being such a dunce. Until today, I had not clicked on the underlined words in the (now deleted) message that takes you to a very weird web site hosted by PACIHL. I don't know what PACIHL stands for, if anything, but most of the web sites I found using that web host didn't appear to be about anything with which a high school alumni web site would care to be associated. 

    Donnie Skuja

Retire to Welch 
Thursday, 08-Feb-01 19:45:12
    All u people that want to retire in Welch I have
    a hous there would love to sell to u..
    I want one in Myrtle Beach..The location is great
    and just think u will have 73 going thru.


Reunion contacts 
Thursday, 08-Feb-01 15:23:20
    Donnie wrote: "Thanks to Karol, Rhea & Linda Counts Miller we now have the classes of '63 & '65 covered. I'm sure there are some of you in these other classes who want to step forward and volunteer your services. Let's hear from you SOON! "

    Are we having a little trouble in deciding. Is this going to be volunteer or by draft?

    Elinor volunteered for '64 and wants a partner. Donnie is covering '61. That leaves '60, '62. '66, '67, '68, & '69. Don't quit on this! What about the 40's, 50's, and 70's. This would be a great addition to our web site and so much help in reunions, weather it is combined classes or a year at a time. I didn't say it was wrote in stone, but you could be chair for next reunion and then draft someone else. WHERE ARE YOU?


New Address and Phone Number 
Monday, 05-Feb-01 09:46:59
    I recently moved to a horse farm (very rural) in Frederick County Maryland. My contact info is:
    Ed Morgan
    10724 Pheasant Lane
    Clarksburg, Md. 20871
    301 865 0322

    Ed Morgan

Accessing Main WHS Alumni Web Site 
Sunday, 04-Feb-01 16:41:59
    Our main WHS Alumni Web Site page is still not back online and I'm not holding my breath waiting to hear back from the web host. 

    Until I can decide where to move the main page, I have posted a website map HERE. I suggest you bookmark the website map page as your starting point for viewing the WHS Alumni Web Site pages.

    Depending on what, and if, I hear back from the host4u web host, I will decide whether to permanently move the WHS Alumni web pages stored there. The following web pages are involved: main WHS alumni web page, 70s reunion, Background on the website, Other Links, History of the Barrel, In Memoriam, and List of deceased classmates.

    You can temporarily access the main page HERE. However, I suggest not bookmarking this page as I am not sure the main page will remain at this location. 

    I hope to find some free web space void of any advertising, but can't guarantee this will happen. 

    Donnie Skuja

UPDATE! More Yearbooks on CDs available 
Saturday, 03-Feb-01 21:42:00
    Bob Martin, WHS '53, now has the WHS yearbooks for 1922, 1925, 1932, 1947, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958 & 1964 available on CD. A CD for the 1951 annual should be ready very soon. A web page providing background & ordering information on these CDs can be seen HERE.

    Bob also provided for the web site a very nice graphic in memory of the deceased of his class of 1953. It can be viewed HERE.

    Donnie Skuja

Ahhhh! The Silence On The Message Board -- Refreshing, Don't You Think? 
Friday, 02-Feb-01 10:13:52
    Folks, don't know about you -- but, after the past month or two of message-mania on this ol' MB (what with all the political stuff, we/they stuff and all), it's kinda nice the MB has paused (as we have) for a "breather". Now then, let's see what we can do to "kick it up a notch" and talk about something(s) that we'll all enjoy. How about good ol' Welch and WHS memories? Or, have we covered them all yet? I don't think so. I cherish the earlier messages of memories from our past. Are there any more? I'd enjoy hearing Welch/McDowell County memories much more than some of this other "stuff" we've been talking about. I'll admit that I've been among the vocal few with all the depressing political commentary. Heck, I even depressed myself! Let's reminisce a bit and see if we can remember good stuff ALL of us would enjoy. Who's next? Can't wait to hear from you......!

    Welch/McDowell County Man (And Proud Of That!)

WHS '76 Grad, Garnet Edwards Honored 
Monday, 29-Jan-01 19:00:11
    The online edition of today's Bluefield Daily Telegraph has a very nice article about Garnet Edwards' upcoming induction into the West Virginia University Sports Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Garnet!

    The article can be read HERE.

    Donnie Skuja

Monday, 29-Jan-01 15:53:00
    vote for your favorite tree to become our National Tree. You will get a Menu of choices. The first one will take you to the ballot. It won't take 60 second. Your vote will count.

1956 & 1957 WHS Annuals now on CDs 
Saturday, 27-Jan-01 21:23:27
    Received word from Bob Martin today that he now has the 1956 & 1957 WHS yearbooks available on CD. The CDs are $30 each (which includes shipping and handling) and you can order them directly from Bob at:
    200 Grist Mill Drive, Beckley, WV 25801

    Other yearbooks Bob has available on CD include The Black Diamond 1922, 1925 and 1932 plus On the Hill 1947, 1952,1953, 1954, 1955 and 1964. 

    More WHS yearbooks will be available on CDs in the future.

    Donnie Skuja

Super Bowl 
Saturday, 27-Jan-01 12:55:52
    Giants 27, Ravens 24
    You heard it here first.
    Juno message boards 
Friday, 26-Jan-01 21:30:17
    Did any of the rest of you receive this information from

    During the upgrade process, your high school's board will be taken offline. All existing messages will be transferred to the new board 
    (links will work, but attachments won't be viewable for a few months). Once the transfer has been completed, the old boards will be shut down.

    The new boards will function differently. Here are a few changes worth noting:
    - All members will be able to view the boards, but only paid members will be able to post messages.
    - Folders and discussions will be displayed on a single page.
    - You will be able to spell-check messages before posting them.
    - The ability to add HTML formatting to messages will be temporarily suspended, but that functionality will be returned within the next few months.
    - There will be no start page.

    This upgrade offers a number of benefits. Only paid members will be able to post, so we expect to have fewer problems with inappropriate 
    content. The navigation will also be easier to use. And, since the boards will be hosted at, we'll be able to serve pages 
    faster. We plan to add additional features in the future; we'll keep you updated as our work progresses.

    Yikes! I sure hope our Maroon Wave message board host doesn't have any similar ideas.

    Donnie Skuja

Friday, 26-Jan-01 12:40:04
    I would love to move back to WVA this year when I retire and I guess Welch would be my first choice. My only problem is that I like to gamble and where I am now there casinos 35 minutes away from my house. Are there any casinos near by in West VA or would I have to go to Atlantic City?

Former Mayor W.B.Swope 
Thursday, 25-Jan-01 22:51:54
    I've just learned of the death of a wonderful human being, former Mayor W. B. Swope of Welch. His contributions to Welch for his many years are numerous; being an acomplished pilot, the Welch Municipal Airport was one of his many interests. He and his varied businesses certainly had an impact many lives in the area. I must say that Welch has lost a great man who will be missed by his friends and fellow citizens.

    Jim Jackson

Discussion Topic: Real Justice 
Thursday, 25-Jan-01 07:45:39
    I may be crazy, but I was feeling kinda sorry for the one convict that was given a 99 yr. sentence for stealing $68 in a burglary. Ray Carruth was given 18 yrs. for murder conspiracy. When you think about it, was real justice served?

Wednesday, 24-Jan-01 19:45:28
    Come on when is the next "Sensational Sixties" reunion? Better still why not an all out 
    "WHS Reunion". The bigger the better I think. We are all proud of our old school. Come on committee members get together and put on a "party" to come home for. If I wanted to invite only my best friends or a select few then I would ask them to dinner!! 

Wednesday, 24-Jan-01 12:10:24
    The Democratic Party is like a mule -without pride of ancestry or hope of posterity.
    Edmund Burke
    I shall say no more, finis.

Okay folks, the election is over. Let's move on. 
Wednesday, 24-Jan-01 06:09:01

new email address 
Wednesday, 24-Jan-01 04:40:28

Politically Proud? Why all the Anonymous Comments 
Tuesday, 23-Jan-01 23:50:50
    Have some become so spineless that they fear putting their real names on their Political Pride messages.. I would think that if you are so proud to be a Republican or Democrate you would atleast have the nerve to put your Name where your Pride is. But then I guess it is much easier to be proud and anonymous then proud and known for your views..


    Mike Zuchick

TO all Democrats Here & Yonder - We Are Republicans and Proud of it. 
Tuesday, 23-Jan-01 17:07:14
    Hey quit blowing smoke about Baby Al being the captain of his football team; just because you pay $5,000.00 for a jackass doesn't make him a racehorse. Hey all you democrats - you lost, accept it.

Hiccups! (Yes, that's right.......Hiccups!) 
Monday, 22-Jan-01 17:58:57
    Listen folks, if this is the most important message you've read on the internet today, including any email you may have received at work, you will have had a wonderful day. However, I'm here to tell you and others (like myself) who always seem to get "hiccups" that are embarrassing (especially in a social setting) that there's finally a cure! Here it is.......I guarantee it! When you experience hiccups, simply take the shaker of table salt off your kitchen table (or wherever) and shake a small amount of salt into the palm of your hand. Then, lick the salt and the hiccups will go away IMMEDIATELY! Someone shared this "miracle cure" with me during the Christmas holidays and I laughed (like you're probably laughing right now) until I got the hiccups and tried it. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!! Since the Christmas holidays, I've experienced hiccups several times and I've done the "salt-lickin" thing each time. And, each time the hiccups immediately stopped. Just imparting another joy we all can share on this great WHS alumni website! It's not West Virginia folklore, but it's almost as good! It works.........try it!

    Medicine Man

Looking for Classmates and Need Help 
Sunday, 21-Jan-01 12:59:45
    I am one of the coordinators for the reunion for the classes of 62, 63 and 64 and we are having a difficult time locating some of the folks. I have some posts on the Missing Persons board but I know everyone does not go to that part of the site so I am asking for some help here. We are looking for Ann Hickam, class of 63, lived in Kimball,moved to Petersburg after graduation. Jerry Decker, class of 63, lived in Havaco and he had a sister. David Walker, the drum major, class of 62. We have located the other David Walker but not this one. I note Harry also has a post on Missing Persons for him. Larry Chatfield seems to have vanished. This is not the extent of the folks that we have not found but these are the ones that all clues come to a dead end. If you have any clues, suggestions, please forward to me. Thanks for your help. 


Attention 1962, 1963 & 1964 Grads - Reunion !!!!! 
Saturday, 20-Jan-01 21:16:17
    Our plans for the reunion are in the final stages. The reunion will be held in early June. If you have not sent us your snail mail address so that we can send you a package, please do so. We have contacted over 70% of the class of 63 and over 50% of 64 is pending. We received minimal response from 1962 so if you are from the class of 62, send us your address as well as anyone else you may know. We want to reach as many of the classmates as possible so if you know either an email or snail mail address for someone in those classes, send it our way. We have a very exciting event planned and hope to see you there. Thanks and Enjoy.


Saturday, 20-Jan-01 18:57:17

Honesty Not Perfection 
Friday, 19-Jan-01 14:40:16
    Well, we've got Clinton finally admitting that he was skirting on the other side of the fine line between truth & lying (I didn't know there was one!) & Jesse Jackson saying "yeah, OK, You caught me: I had an extramarital affair with someone in my office" after giving others advice & projecting a specific image.
    We don't want perfect leaders. We just want honest leaders.
    Hey, is that too much to ask?

David Bowlick
Wednesday, 17-Jan-01 22:26:36
    My brother, John Smith ('57) would like to contact David Bowlick and Kenny Crabtree. Got Christmas cards from them and realized they don't know that his wife, Mimi, died last year. Lost their addresses. Anyone know e-mail or mailing addresses for them?

    Linda Smith Stacy

where is everybody 
Wednesday, 17-Jan-01 13:49:47
    Hey, I am here - trying to get the knot out of my panties so I can board the plane for GW's party Saturday. I will give him your regards!

    Now who has a sense of humor?

(No subject) 
Tuesday, 16-Jan-01 10:29:35

Saturday, 13-Jan-01 11:26:27
    Mrs. Pauline Cook; Box 66; Premier, WV 24878

my family tree 
Friday, 12-Jan-01 14:00:09
    Just wanted to see if you were astute enough to know that innocuous was mispelled correctly, however, I am still not sure. If I had spelled it innocuus would you have known that it was spelled right in Latin? I think not. At any rate I like the word because it describes someone as being insipid. 


Look at my family tree 
Friday, 12-Jan-01 09:55:28
    To the person who put the message above on the board regarding George W. Bush all I can do is quote the following by Goethe "There is nothing by which men display their character so much as in what they consider ridiculous...Fools and sensible men are equally innoucous. It is in the half fools and the half wise that the great danger lies.


Emogene Shannon Francisco 
Friday, 12-Jan-01 09:08:03
    The 'In Memoriam' section of this site has a short notation that Emogene Shannon Francisco passed away in September 2000. Emogene was my cousin. If anyone has any additional information about her death, obituary or otherwise, I would appreciate receiving it.

    Paul Chapman

    Paul Chapman

Look at My Family Tree 
Friday, 12-Jan-01 04:46:52
    Click on this link and view some of my other 
    family members. Notice how much we favor each 


    Family Menbers

    G.W. Bush

(No subject) 
Thursday, 11-Jan-01 13:57:48
    Clelia Irene Cook Hylton, class of '67, passed away January 5, 2001.

Philadelphia Inquirer Review of "The Coalwood Way" 
Wednesday, 10-Jan-01 08:28:02
    Sonny - You've hit a homerun in a town that's not used to seeing too many. The address below will take you to last Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer review of "The Coalwood Way". Big city papers don't always appreciate small town stories, but this one is a hit. Congrats Homer. By the way, I got an autographed copy for my Dad for Christmas and he was really pleased with it. Thanks to you (and Shavers Bookstore) for making those available.

    Roy Morgan

Class Reunion - l953 
Tuesday, 09-Jan-01 09:24:33
    Bob: I received your message, but you did not 
    list your email address!!!!

    Ann Zaccagnini's address:

    Shirley A. Zaccagnini
    Apt. T-2
    115 Glyndon Drive
    Reisterstown, Maryland 21136

    Phone: (H) 410-526-4904 (O) 410-247-8422

    I have tragic news regarding Carmella and will
    send it to you once I have your address.

    If you like, you can call me on (410) 321-0485
    If I am not at home, my sife, Donna, will relay
    the information.

    If anyone has Bob's address or that of Deano Farris, please send, both are involved in a class
    reuinon for the class of 53 and they need Ann's

    Many thnaks,

    Dan Zaccagnini

    Bob Martin

REUNION - CLASSES OF 62, 63 & 64 
Monday, 08-Jan-01 19:47:00
    We are still looking for some of our classmates from 1962, 1963 and 1964. If you have not received our questionnaire, please send us a note. We are trying to contact as many of our tes as possible. We are tentatively scheduled for June, 2001 and want to make this reunion special for everyone. If you know anyone from these classes, let them know and tell them how to get in touch with us. Thanks and hope to see you at the reunion. 


Address Change for Cruise Agent 
Monday, 08-Jan-01 18:26:57
    Migrations Travel, the agency handling our WHS Alumni cruise, have changed their mailing address to: 10 Mathews Centre East, 1 Cardinal Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926. Their phone numbers remain the same. 

    Donnie Skuja

Monday, 08-Jan-01 08:37:43
    Maybe it would be appropriate for us to share special "tips" to those who may not have been on a cruise before and are curious to know what to expect (or not to expect) during a typical cruise. If anyone may have "tips" or suggestions to offer to first-time "cruisers", let's post them here -- informative, humorous or whatever. I'm sure any information offered will be helpful....if not just entertaining! Of course, by the time of the ship's departure in May, we'll want to have the WHS alumni group fully informed. Please share any tid-bits of information (including humorous cruise memories)you may consider worthy of mention.


Roommates needed for WHS cruise 
Saturday, 06-Jan-01 20:42:39
    We have a few males & females looking for roommates for the May 21-25, 2001 WHS alumni cruise. If you are interested in sharing a cruise cabin with somebody (you will have in common the fact that you went to WHS!) on this trip but have not signed up because you need a roommate, please contact me. 

    Donnie Skuja

"Whats My Name?" 
Saturday, 06-Jan-01 13:05:37
    "Whats My Name?" - 

    The manager of a large office noticed a new man one day and told him to come into his office. "What's your name?" he asked the new guy.

    "John," the new guy replied.
    The manager scowled, "Look... I don't know what kind of a namby-pamby place you worked before, but I don't call anyone by their first name. 
    It breeds familiarity and that leads to a breakdown in authority. 
    I refer to my employees by their last name only ... Smith, Jones, Baker ... That's all.
    I am to be referred to only as Mr. Robertson. 
    Now that we got that straight, what is your last

    The new guy sighed, "Darling. 
    My name is John Darling."

    "Okay John, the next thing I want to tell you is . "

    John Darling

Welch Daily News 
Thursday, 04-Jan-01 09:28:29
    Thanks for the replies concerning the Welch Daily News. Guess I will subscribe to it. I am sure that the reading is better than the Commercial Appeal here in Memphis where each day person(s) have been killed, crime is really bad here. Would love to move back and just spend my "golden years" in West Va.

    Thanks again.


MTV is looking for people 
Wednesday, 03-Jan-01 18:12:11
    MTV wants to know...


    Hint: We are especially looking for funny coming of age or romantic comedies! 


welch daily newspaper 
Wednesday, 03-Jan-01 14:12:09
    I have not been back to WVA since l967. I am wondering if the Welch Daily News is still around? I read the Bluefield and Beckley newspapers on line all the time but have been unable to find the Welch News.



Updates to WHS Alumni Web Site 
Tuesday, 02-Jan-01 01:06:09
    There's a new link on the Gift Ideas page to Pencil Palette, a web site featuring artwork by West Virginian Vera K. Atkisson. 

    A link to Wanda Bradley-Smith's West Virginia web pages has been added to our Other Links. There are lots of scenic WV pictures, along with some WV memories others want to share with the world. (Pretty good reading.)

    A few more snapshots from the Class of '60 reunion have been posted HERE.

    I've added a link to the Oldies Jukebox on several of the WHS Alumni Web Site pages giving you the option of listening to the music only if you want to. Currently, the jukebox plays about 9 songs; I'll be adding more every week or so. These songs are from original recordings by the real artists, but you need the RealPlayer program to hear them. You can download a free copy of RealPlayer 

    Easy-to-understand help on downloading RealPlayer can be found HERE

    Donnie Skuja

Looking for Betty Mabry 
Monday, 01-Jan-01 09:08:53
    Looking to contact Betty Mabry (maiden name) either by email/snail mail/phone. Betty lived in Premier and Welch during the mid-1960s and was a good friend of my wife. If anyone has any info, please forward to me.
    Jess Stout

Sunday, 31-Dec-00 18:38:19
    HAPPY NEW YEAR -----2001!

Havaco and Roderfield 
Saturday, 30-Dec-00 10:46:05
    Looking for pictures of Havaco and Roderfield from the 1940's to present.

    Junior Mitchem

Rick Mabry 
Thursday, 28-Dec-00 17:55:47
    Looking to contact Rick either by email/snail mail/phone. If anyone has any info, please forward to me. Rick and I grew up together back in Kimball and were best friends. As alot of us have done, I have lost contact and would like to re-establish. Thanks

    Al Burks

Back Home in Florida 
Wednesday, 27-Dec-00 20:26:53
    Just wanted to let everyone know we are back in Florida with a new email address. Would love to hear from anyone. Did you hear they are reprinting the new ballots to look like bingo cards so Floridians (or Floridiots as they are known in North Carolina)can figure out how to vote.

    Elizabeth BurtonDrees

Holiday Greetings 
Wednesday, 27-Dec-00 18:43:57
    i am so delighted to be able to visit and revisit the WHS web page...thank all of you who work so diligently on keeping it updated!!

    I love hearing from my class of '54 classmates
    and hope everyone has a happy, healthy NEW YEAR!!

    Pat Serreno Beigel - WHS class of '54

    Pat Beigel formerly Patty Serreno

Happy New Year 2001 
Tuesday, 26-Dec-00 09:17:34
    It's gonna be a good one. Yes, indeed.

Monday, 25-Dec-00 19:44:33
    A little bundle of JOY named DON JUAN!

Christmas Message from Ye Merry Ole Webmistress 
Sunday, 24-Dec-00 22:27:49
    As the year comes to a close, we tend to look back to see what we have, or have not, accomplished in the previous months. I'm personally very pleased with the addition of our web site search engine and, as always, for your contributions of pictures, especially those for the WHS Sweethearts pages. The addition of some "real" music to the site was quite an
    exciting accomplishment for me. If you don't have the RealPlayer program, you are missing out on some great Christmas music right now as you are reading this message. I strongly encourage you to download the free version of RealPlayer; it works quite well. Thanks to all of you who have emailed me with your thoughts and suggestions throughout the year. You have truly made this your site. While it is certainly not perfect, your many complimentary notes have been a constant source of encouragement.

    Wishing you happiness & joy this Holiday Season.

Christmas Memories 
Sunday, 24-Dec-00 22:05:55
    One memory I have from Christmas morning was that it was sooooo cold that we didn't want to get up until our father started the fire in the coal stove. But, the biggest excitement was anticipation of what we were gonna receive, not what we actually received. Those memories I wouldn't trade for anything.

    Kenny Wyatt

Christmas In The Hills 
Sunday, 24-Dec-00 20:29:37

    Tommy Campbell

Happy Welch Holiday Memories 
Sunday, 24-Dec-00 15:20:56
    What a thrill to read the messages of holiday memories posted here. My personal memories include the store windows decorated for Christmas, the beautiful white snow falling as you walked down the street, bell ringers near the parking building and Flat Iron, G C Murphy's overflowing with people, side streets blanketed in white, WELC playing Christmas music, trying to get up the hill at Southwood in the winter!, delivering packages to friends and wrapping gifts at Citizen's Drug Store hours on end (usually candy) for last minute shoppers....Ah, those were the days...........Merry Christmas!

    Danny Bohin

Saturday, 23-Dec-00 16:47:59

Happy Holidays 
Saturday, 23-Dec-00 15:51:27
    Wishing you all peace, love, health and happiness now and for the coming year. Remember the reason for this glorious season. 

    We are so thankful for Donnie and the WHS website bringing us all together again after so many years. 

    God Bless and keep you always. Liz & Family

    Elizabeth Burton Drees

Merry Christmas 
Saturday, 23-Dec-00 07:00:59
    Wishing all Welch High Grads, living in McDowell County or in other parts of the world, a very M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S and a safe, happy and prosperous NEW YEAR.


    Gary Mullins (Lumpkins)

Saturday, 23-Dec-00 00:31:36
    Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to old friends & new ones found on this website. May God bless you throughout the new year.

    Daune Hall McCulloch

Merry Christmas 
Friday, 22-Dec-00 18:02:20

Friday, 22-Dec-00 13:08:01
    Don't know about everyone else.....but, I'm thinking Donnie Skuja deserves something "special" in her stocking for her special efforts to bring us these good ol' Christmas tunes! Now I know why we call her "DJ"! She and Russ Cook should team up....We could have a year-round "Record Hop" right out here in cyberspace! Wouldn't that be just too cool?! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

    Saint Nick

Friday, 22-Dec-00 08:29:47


Merry Christmas to All my Welch High buddies 
Thursday, 21-Dec-00 13:12:29
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends from Welch High School and McDowell County. We were indeed blessed to grow up in such a wonderful place and know the true joys of Christmas in the mountains. By the way, I used to believe that Santa Claus lived in Welch. That's where the toys were!

    Homer "Sonny" Hickam

Wednesday, 20-Dec-00 18:06:50
    I wonder if the old home town still has the air of wonderment like it use to. Those huge old red bells at each end of town that would blink and all the multicolored lights strung across the streets from on end to the other. Oh what a sight! Does the Sterling Drive-in still light up the huge Christmas tree behind it? I still think of the lights and the smell of Murphy's candy and nut counter. I think a lot of the girls wore little bells either in their hair or their shoes. So the sight, smell and sounds of Christmas was everywhere. This is my Christmas memories. 

Merry Christmas! And Joyous Holiday Wishes to all WHS Grads 
Wednesday, 20-Dec-00 09:05:48
    Merry Christmas to all residents of Welch and McDowell County, and to all who grew up there. Some quick memory flashes. Joe Lassak was always a great community Santa Claus in the town's Christmas parade. The Salvation Army bell ringers and collection booth just outside the Flat Iron Drug Store. First Methodist Church had an annual Christmas pageant that started in the mid 50's and is still going. The city's lights and decorations. Fresh snow, which in a few days time was colored with coal dust. The Welch Daily News gave us a front page count down on the number of "Shopping Days till Christmas." Stores along McDowell Street were actually crowded with customers. 

    Ray Kiser

Classes of '66 & '67 - Need Your Help 
Tuesday, 19-Dec-00 17:38:32
    I received a request today for pictures/information of Jim Lowe playing football for WHS in the 1966-1967 seasons. Please check your annuals and anything else you might have kept from your school years and, if you find any such information, email it to me. If you find any pictures and can scan and send them, that would be great.

    Thanks so much.

    Donnie Skuja

Another article by Phylenia Snow French 
Monday, 18-Dec-00 22:19:19
    I almost forgot about this one. Phylenia had an article published in yesterday's Roanoke Times. The article can still be viewed online. 

    Not too sure if I totally concur with Phylenia's thoughts in this one, but she certainly does present them well. 

    Donnie Skuja

Monday, 18-Dec-00 15:12:48
    Something terrible happened this weekend. My sister's home (trailer) was destroyed by the tornado that hit outside of Gadsden, Alabama. She lives in Coat's Bend, outside of Hoke's Bluff. She was in the trailer at the time, put a mattress over her on the floor of the bedroom and ended up being thrown out of the trailer and she ended up face down on the riverbank outside. She was scared to death, prayed hard, and really thought this was the way she was going to die. Her husband and kids (2 boys-12 and 9) were at Walmart at Gadsden at the time, thank God. She did not have enough time to leave. I was on the phone with her right before it hit. She was injured with a broken arm, bad cut on her nose, and of course cuts and bruises all over. She has been in a lot of pain. She had a mouth full of dirt when she stood up. They lost everything and the trailer (what is left of it) was wrapped around a tree and would have gone on into the river had it not been for the trees. Thank God she did not go into the river. Her youngest son had wanted to stay home but she made him go with his Dad and we are so grateful because she said she could not have held on to him had he been there. The people of Gadsden and Hoke's Bluff have been wonderful to them-getting them clothes, food, shelter, etc. (My 12-year old nephew was worried he would get in trouble at school for his books getting destroyed). We know that we have so much to be thankful for because they are all alive and that is the most important. But it has been so upsetting to my whole family, especially my mom and dad because they can't be there to help. Please, everyone on the site, please keep them in your prayers. It means so much to our family. Their names are Jeff and Becky Jack Cook, Robby and Travis. Becky graduated from Mount View in 1983. Thank you. She was in 7th grade at WHS too.

    Cathy Jack

Premier Grade School 1946 
Sunday, 17-Dec-00 20:00:07
    What a nice suprise to see the class picture of the 46-47 second and third grade from premier grade school. It was sent to me by my cousin, Karen Perdue, currently teaching at Yeager and a graduate of WCHS. My sister was Texas Lyons (first row, fifth student). She passed away in November of this year in Indianapolis, Indiana where I currently reside. We left West Virginia in 1952 for Indiana after I completed the seventh grade. I have many wonderful memories of West Virginia and still consider it home. I am currently retired from a teaching career and if I had any success I attribute much of it to my early childhood teachers and mentors. What a great idea to have a web site for WCHS. I wish you all good fortune. 

    Walter J. Lyons
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    Walt Lyons

Premier Grade School 1946 
Sunday, 17-Dec-00 19:35:24

Sunday, 17-Dec-00 17:34:04
    We wish each and everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A VERY HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR. God Bless West Virginia.

    Kenny Wyatt and Family email 
Thursday, 14-Dec-00 12:57:05
    Several weeks ago I asked to send a reminder email about the upcoming cruise to all the people who had registered on their site as WHS alumni. (This option,featured as one of the special things you can do as a paying member, is not that easy to exercise.)

    After inquiring about the status yesterday, I now have a mailbox full of responses from people who graduated from high schools from here to Thailand wondering why in the world they got the message. And, to further complicate matters, I received similar emails today announcing reunions for several other schools.

    So, if you are a member don't be alarmed if you are receiving email related to alumni functions for schools you never heard of. 

    Donnie Skuja

A Chrismas Message. 
Thursday, 14-Dec-00 01:45:00
    In Christ all, 

    I would like to wish all a very Merry Christmas and may God Bless and Keep each and everyone of you and your Loved Ones. Just keep in mind it is Christ's Nameday we celebrate... Happy Nameday Christ Child.

    I know it is rather early, but figured I had better do it while I can remember.


    Mike Zuchick

Presidential Election--WV blamed 
Wednesday, 13-Dec-00 20:51:08
    In case you have not heard the latest. WV is being blamed for the election problems. They are saying if WV had voted democratic as they usually do and should have done this election--Our 5 electoral votes would have elected Gore President. The voting problems in Florida would not have had any influence. One way or the other we get blamed.

(No subject) 
Tuesday, 12-Dec-00 12:13:34
    Hi ....just got my computer...found this website. Graduated in 1955...married Kenneth Hillyer..We live in Kimball, W. Va. Have three sons, John, JIm & Jeff. Have four grandsons, Kenny, Josh, Chandler & Tyler. Would like to hear from some of my classmates. Enjoyed seeing some of you at the reunion this past fall in Bluefield. Everyone have a Merry Christmas!!!

    Shirley Jean Mosko Hillyer (Snuffy)

WHS Annuals Now Available on CDs 
Tuesday, 12-Dec-00 01:26:05
    You want exciting news? This IS exciting: The Welch High School annuals, Black Diamond 1922, 1925 and 1932 plus On the Hill 1947, 1952,1953, 1954 and 1955 can now be ordered on CD. The cost is $30 per CD (that covers the CD and shipping).

    To place your order, email Bob
    Martin. Or, if you prefer, you can snail mail your order to him at: Bob Martin, 200 Grist Mill Drive, Beckley, WV 25801. 

    Each CD contains every page of each annual, including the advertisements. These pages are easy to view using programs that you probably already have on your PC if you use Windows 95 or higher. Viewing instructions are provided with each CD, including how to obtain viewing shareware if, by chance, it is not already on your PC. 

    I've got a sample copy of the 1953 annual on CD and find it extremely easy to use. The pictures and text are very clear and each
    page loads on your screen in a flash. 

    Bob plans to put the annuals for each WHS graduating class on CD. This is a rather time-consuming process, so if your year is
    not yet available, please be patient. As far as we know, no annuals were published for the 1933 through 1946 classes. If you are aware of
    anything else that might have been published for those WHS graduating classes, please let me or Bob know.

    A great, big THANK YOU to Bob (WHS '53) for providing this service.

    Donnie Skuja

New ISP available for southern West Virginians 
Monday, 11-Dec-00 21:03:54
    Just learned about SunLit Surf a new Internet Service Provider in Mercer County. 
    I'm not sure what the competition is charging, but SunlitSurf's rates seem reasonable to me and I understand they are trying to extend their services into McDowell County. Also, anyone in
    McDowell County who has local access to or can call Bluefield-Princeton as a local call, can use SunlitSurf now. 

    SunlitSurf hosts a new web site, Four Seasons Gateway which provides local news, weather & sports, community bulletin boards, and links to information on many local tourist sites, local restaurants, etc.

    Donnie Skuja

Merry Christmas Donnie and Thank You! 
Monday, 11-Dec-00 08:38:15
    Donnie, thank you again for all your tireless work in bringing and keeping the WHS family together. We are still growing, and while the web site may not be moving as fast as it was in the beginning, we seem to have settled into a comfortable place. We keep each other informed on our lives with pictures and comments as well as sharing our thoughts on life in general. Here's hoping you and your family have a Merry Christmas and many wonderful years ahead. You have given us more than you will ever know.

    Karol Radochio

Not Much Going on here!!!!! 
Monday, 11-Dec-00 01:07:23
    Does anybody have anything to say???????????


Are There "Hanging Chads" On This MB Page? 
Thursday, 07-Dec-00 07:32:15
    Is anyone, besides me, having difficulty with overlapping text on this page? It's like all of a sudden the messages have "hanging chads" which dangle into the message threads that follow, making them almost impossible to read. They even pulsate at the same rate of the snowfall. Maybe it's just my pc; but, it's strange that it's happening only on this page....All the other WHS site pages seem to be working okay. I'm sure if it's a temporary "glitch", Donnie Skuja will find it and fix she always does. Again, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem.


Another gift idea 
Wednesday, 06-Dec-00 13:53:17
    Somebody just brought to my attention a posting on the BCHS message board about another great McDowell County/WV-related gift idea. It is the book "West Virginia: The Allegheny Highlands" by Jim Clark, BCHS '71. A selection of Jim's photographs & writings are featured in the Jan & Nov issues of Wonderful West Virginia magazine, and many of his images and essays are published in magazines such as Outdoor Photographer. He recently signed on to be a national correspondent for the on-line nature magazine, Wildlife Watchers (
    The book is available at

    Donnie Skuja

Let's give away another T-Shirt 
Tuesday, 05-Dec-00 23:50:11
    Remember the rules, post your answer here and give your name & email address with your posting.

    This is a sports question:
    He was one of WHS's most outstanding athletes; twice named to the "Big All State" squad, twice to the Class-AAA All-State squad, five times to All Area Squads. He left WHS with a basketball career total of over 1700 points. He went on to serve as captain of the WVU Mountaineer's basketball team. What is his name?

Background sound 
Tuesday, 05-Dec-00 17:14:06
    I'm still learning about this "real" music stuff for the web. Please bear with me; I may get it right one of these days. In the meantime, hope you enjoy what you can hear.

    Donnie Skuja

Tuesday, 05-Dec-00 12:22:32
    Does anyone remember listening to WLS in Chicago growing up? I had a small transistor radio and I used to catch bits and pieces of Bick Biondi's program at night. I remember the song "On Top of Spaghetti". I thought Tom McCann shoes had to be the most wonderful they way they advertized them!

    Karol Radochio

Locating Members of the Bruno Family 
Monday, 04-Dec-00 12:37:32
    Many years ago, after graduating from Welch High
    in l950, I went to work at No 14 Gary for U.S.
    Steel. Also employed there was a gentleman with
    the last name of Bruno. Mr. Bruno had several
    children and I knew two of them. One was married
    to a gentleman that managed the Franklin Dairy,
    an ice cream/milk shake store. His wife was one
    of the Bruno sisters. I also believe another one
    of the sisters transferred from Gary High to 
    Welch High and was a few years behind me, her
    name was Carmella.

    I doubt that the parents are still living, but I
    would very much like to know where these two very
    lovely sisters are presently living and if at all
    possible have them contact me at my e-mail 
    address which I have listed aboved.

    Many thanks and your assistance is deeply appre-

    Dan "Danny" Zaccagnini

    Dan Zaccagnini

Monday, 04-Dec-00 00:34:45
    I cannot remember a Christmas as a teen that did not include a trip to the movies during the holidays. The festivities surrounding the Record Hop sure gave a lot of us some great times. How about the debut of the new Elvis Presley movie "Blue Hawaii" one Christmas Eve. The place was packed and to have a special date made it wonderful. I forget who the date was but I will never forget the vivid colors that splashed across that screen. The new 1" snow had just fallen that day and it was a beautiful time to be in such a splendid place. The old theatre did shine that night in my memory. 

(No subject) 
Sunday, 03-Dec-00 15:09:13
    Would love to hear from some former students in Welch Elem. School That Louise Mann taught back in the 50's.

Phylenia Snow French article published in today's Charleston Gazette 
Sunday, 03-Dec-00 14:54:29
    Today's Life & Style Section of the Charleston Gazette includes an article on Pipestem State Park written by Phylenia Snow French. Phylenia attended WHS from 1960-1963 and is the author of Homespun Yarns, a book which is featured on our Gift Ideas web page.

    Nice article, Phylenia. Congratulations!

    Donnie Skuja

Tuesday, 28-Nov-00 20:04:44
    While watching "Jeopardy" this evening, I caught news of a website for Baby Boomers....the address can simply be typed in: 
    What a neat website!!! Be sure to check it out, register, and take the "Baby Boomer Final Exam" has links to all 50 states, lists class reunions, etc. I definitely plan to re-visit this site. (According to them, a Baby Boomer is anyone born between 1946-1964.....both exceptional years since I was born in '46 and graduated in '64!!!!) Enjoy.......

    Elinor Turner Bright

New Address 
Tuesday, 28-Nov-00 02:04:07
    I have just moved to 624 Old Oak Lane
    Colonial Heights,Va.
    Phone 804-520-6745
    Doing ok, getting settled in,with the help of all my sons and Daughter.
    Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.
    Remember it is Christ Birthday.
    Hope to hear from my friends from Kimball and Welch.

    Mary Virginia Grego Muncy Lyons

Directory from attendants of the Golden Ann. Reunion 
Monday, 27-Nov-00 22:48:05
    Did not get to attend the reunion,but would love a copy of the directory to get in touch with old friends. Also the contact person for
    the reunion. I am a 1949 Grad and my addressis:
    20 Morrison St.
    Morgantown, W.Va 265o5
    PS or let me know where I could get the Directory
    Thanks so MUCH!!!!

    Mary Joan Donnelly Roderick

Christmas Greetings 
Monday, 27-Nov-00 18:42:07
    How does sending Christmas cards the old way sound to everyone? Anyone that is interested please list your mailing address on this web site. It would be great to get cards from people we have only met on the web or haven't seen in years.

new email address 
Saturday, 25-Nov-00 22:23:44
    I have a new email address now.. Hope to hear from anyone from the class of 1963...I enjoy reading all of the latest news on this website . It is a great place to see what all my classmates from Kimball Junior High School, and Welch High School are doing after all of these years. 

    Joan Lombardo Turner

Saturday, 25-Nov-00 09:14:47
    I am looking for anyone that knows how to pickle beans the old country way. I remember them back in the early 50's. I have a bet that it was done and would like to prove my point. If you remember , or can give information on how to make them I would appreciate it. Thanks, Roger Runyon

    FROM: Raised in Havaco.


Mario Cardona's death notice in Welch paper 
Friday, 24-Nov-00 20:58:38
    Mario Cardona's obituary was recently printed in the Welch newspaper. He was 43 yrs. old & lived in Florida. He was also a graduate of WHS.

More pictures posted to WHS Alumni Web Site 
Thursday, 23-Nov-00 00:08:51
    Additonal pictures from the August 2000 Class of '60 reunion are posted HERE

    Also, you can view some memories photos of the Class of '62 HERE.

    And, we have posted an upgraded version of the picture of Downtown Welch in 1955 HERE.

    Donnie Skuja

Harry Ratliff 
Wednesday, 22-Nov-00 07:23:48
    Would anyone know of Harry Ratliff, class of '33? He and my aunt, Helen (Bero) Decker were classmates.

    Karol Radochio

Holiday Gift Ideas 
Monday, 20-Nov-00 23:42:25
    I considered waiting until AFTER Thanksgiving to mention gift ideas, but lots of folks start talking about them and even shopping for them long before Thanksgiving (smart people). So, this is to remind you of our Gift Ideas web page. It includes lots of ideas for presents quite suitable for former WHS students including T-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, mousepads, art work, books, calendars, etc. AND, we provide information for ordering these items. Be sure to check out the links for obtaining autographed copies of Homer Hickam's books and my favorite, the WHS Alumni Spring Fling Bahamas Cruise. Maybe your kids or grandkids would like to spring for that one or perhaps for the airfare to Miami for the cruise. (Wendy, that's a BIG hint in case you happen to read this.)

    Donnie Skuja

Monday, 20-Nov-00 20:29:08

Davy, West Virginia web site 
Sunday, 19-Nov-00 19:10:03
    I received an email about this web site last night. It was created by Richard Sizemore, a 10th grader at Mount View High School. He has some terrific photos of Davy on the site; some are from times past and some are current.Richard is doing a fantastic job of sharing a bit of Davy, WV with the rest of the world. You can see his site HERE.

    Well done, Richard. Congratulations! 

    Donnie Skuja

Sunday, 19-Nov-00 08:34:30
    Jim....What is your complete email address? I emailed you months ago from an email address your sister sent me,but never heard from you.
    Would like to connect.

    "Sandy" Bright

T-Shirt Contest - Third Question 
Thursday, 16-Nov-00 22:04:59
    Nobody has even tried to answer Question #2, so either nobody knows the answer or you all are just not interested in winning one of these beautiful WHS T-shirts. Hey, you don't even have to pay shipping costs. 

    Here's one that may be easier to answer than Question #2: 

    In what school year did Mr. Richardson retire from his duties as principal of WHS?

Guest Book Message For You 
Wednesday, 15-Nov-00 17:30:35
    I know these types of websites must depend on commercial support, but the "you have an important message" is beyond comprehension. Several times I have tried to ignore the message, but it comes on anyhow. I've even gone through the message just to get rid of it, and that hasn't worked. 
    I'm I alone here. It's not a pleasant experience.

Bottom Creek School pictures plus more new stuff. 
Wednesday, 15-Nov-00 13:59:29
    Several months ago, Verla Barr, daughter of 1930 WHS alumnus, Bessie Williams Kitts,sent me some pictures relating to Bessie's teaching 1936-1930 assignment at Bottom Creek Grade School. You can see these pictures HERE. If you can identify any of the people in these pictures, please let me know. 

    (Verla, since your move, I don't have your current email address and was, therefore, unable to personally notify you about the posting of these pictures. Please get in touch with me when you can.) 

    Thanks to David Waldron, GHS '78, for adding a photo of WHS to his E-cards from the Free State site. 

    Note that an additional snapshot has been added to the Class of '55 Reunion site. 

    Donnie Skuja

See the WHS Class of '60 October 2000 Reunion Pictures HERE
Wednesday, 15-Nov-00 11:22:14

Sports Page 
Tuesday, 14-Nov-00 10:20:00
    Whatever happened to the Sports Page? There used to be messages on it but now there are just a few pictures and a page to submit messages.

Friday, 10-Nov-00 18:29:15
    Gosh what memories this celebration holds. Ihe thought of seeing our Nations flag pass and not salute or hold our hands over our hearts was unthinkable. Oh and the bands!!!! Can anyone remember the band that would actually dance? They could really move. The whole band would dance in step to one side of the street and quickly rock to the other side and never slow down. The instruments were rocking back and forth along with the rhythm. They truly were pure showmanship. I hope someone can remember what High School band it was. 

Marian MacCullough Montgomery 
Tuesday, 07-Nov-00 22:00:54
    I have been searching for years for Marian MacCullough Montgomery; last known address Orlando Fl. I read on this web site that she is deceased. If anyone knows the details of her death and the date, please write me an E-mail or post it here. Thanks...

Vote Bush-Cheney!!!! 
Tuesday, 07-Nov-00 13:47:57

Memory Book for '70s Class Reunion 
Sunday, 05-Nov-00 19:03:22
    Hope everything is well in McDowell County. Miss the hills, but making money in Maryland. Kind of upset about the "memory book" from the '70s reunion. They put my brother's name under my picture and vice versa. What's up with that?? I guess it could be worse, they could've gotten my sister's picture and mine reversed. But it could have been a blessing because she still has all her hair and I'm definitely folliclely challenged. Signing off. See ya in the hills.

Y'all Ready for a Wet T-Shirt Contest? 
Saturday, 04-Nov-00 14:32:53
    Figured that would get your attention. We are indeed having a WHS T-shirt giveaway contest. The T-shirts are white with maroon lettering and will have either Maroon Wave or On the Hill written on them. Winners will be selected from those of you willing to participate in an online contest answering questions about WHS/Welch/McDowell County/West Virginia.

    So, be on the lookout for the first question which will be posted on this message board next week. Winner of the first T-shirt will be the first person to respond correctly to the posted question. IMPORTANT: In order to win, you must also enter your full name & email address when posting your response.

    Good luck & have fun!

See the 10/2000 Class of '55 Reunion Pictures HERE
Tuesday, 31-Oct-00 19:50:40

Nice Welch/McDowell County email post cards 
Tuesday, 31-Oct-00 18:47:16
    Was checking the competition the other day and note that the Gary Coaldiggers have a really cool post card enhancement on their alumni web site. So, of course, I had to investigate and learned that it was set up by '78 GHS grad, David Waldron who has agreed for us to link to it. Check it out at E- cards from the Free State. David plans to add more scenes to the site, including one of Welch High School, in the near future.
    Thanks, David....excellent idea.

    Donnie Skuja

looking for a friend 
Tuesday, 31-Oct-00 16:00:54
    I'm looking for Rebecca Blizzard also known as 'Bunny'. She used to leave in Pageton, but moved to and graduated from Welch in 73 or 74. I think she lived on Maple St. If you know her, could you please let her know that I'm trying to contact her. Thanks 

    Larry Dickerson

Happy Birthday to Sammy Baker (class of '74) & Cheryl Stepp Trull (class of '75) ! 
Tuesday, 31-Oct-00 09:01:55
    Hey guys--some of us can't forget those that have memorable birthdays! You just made the deadlines to your class year. Oh well, now we're just happy to be celebrating another one! Hope you have a great day!


Buy "The Coalwood Way" - Help Cape Coalwood Restoration Association 
Monday, 30-Oct-00 21:35:41
    Greetings from rural remote Coalwood, West Virginia!
    Cape Coalwood Restoration Association (CCRA) has “The Coalwood Way”, Homer “Sonny” Hickam’s new book for sale. You may know this is the 2nd of a trilogy memoir by Homer. There is a possibility that a movie or TV Christmas special will be based on this book.
    The books we have are the first printing and if you buy them from us your book will be stamped with an original stamp indicating that you purchased the book from “Coalwood WV Home of the Rocket Boys”.
    The cost is $25 plus $3 shipping and handling. We do not have an unlimited amount of books so we won’t have them indefinitely.
    Act quickly by notifying me by e-mail or snail mail to: 
    Guylinda Bailey
    HC 31 Box 99
    Coalwood, WV 24801
    We accept cash or good checks.
    Your purchase from us, CCRA, will help support our organization. We are striving among other things to act as a leader and catalyst for worth while projects in Coalwood and McDowell County. Also we sponsor the annual October Sky Fall Festival in Coalwood, and have improved and continue to work to maintain Cassell Park and the original launch site of “The Rocket Boys”.
    Hope to hear from you soon with your check and mailing address. 
    Love goes out with this message, 
    Guylinda Cox Bailey

    Guylinda Cox Bailey

WANTED...Sharon Wilson 
Sunday, 29-Oct-00 23:13:15
    Sharon was my neighbor, and sometimes baby-sitter when I lived in Welch. She is Roberta and Heenan Wilson`s sister. Russ


Sunday, 29-Oct-00 15:13:49
    The best dancers I can recall at the record hop was a couple of girls from Pineville. Diane Cooke was one name and I can't remember the other. I do remember Jimmy Joe could not wait until he could get the chance to dance with those girls. They did not get to come very often but when they did we all would watch. Then the Bruno girls from Gary was also probably the best that came regularly. 

Record Hop Dancers 
Saturday, 28-Oct-00 20:15:29
    There were 4 of us and we were some of the best dancers at the record hop. Patty Stroupe, Bonnie Boyd and Barbara McManus and myself. We knew all the new dance steps first and danced with everyone. When you think about the way we seperated ourselves into two groups, the left side of the stage and the right. We always stood on the right facing the stage and Jimmy Joe and his group always stood on the left and danced on the left/middle. We won lots of dance contests because we were good!!!!! Ancil was a good dancer and so was the late Ronnie Lambert. I loved to dance with Ronnie. The best guy dancers came from Pineville and Keystone. The record hop was the start of many romances. My ex first saw me dancing at the record hop (he was not a dancer) and stopped me as I was leaving carrying my tennis racquet to compliment me on my dancing and we were married 17 years and I know several others who started there as well. It was one of our only forms of recreation along with the skating rink which also has many great memories. Do you remember when the bus used to pick us up at the Tick Tock to take us to the skating rink in Kimball before it moved to Welch. Harold "Junior" Yost was a good dancer from Gary. I still dance and belong to the National Shaggers. Keep on dancing!!
    Linda Counts Miller


Reunion!!! Looking for Classmates from Classes of 62, 63 & 64 
Saturday, 28-Oct-00 20:08:45
    We are coordinating a reunion for the classes of 62, 63 and 64. We having trouble locating many of our classmates and have not had anyone volunteer to assist with the class of 62. We are planning the reunion for the Spring/summer of 2001 and are getting good responses especially from 1963. We would love to hear from you and if you know any email or snail mail addresses of our classmates, please forward them to me. Thanks and hope to see your there.


The Political Scene 
Friday, 27-Oct-00 23:35:06
    I think it was Will Rogers that said "We shouldn`t complain about our politicians, they`re the best money can buy." Amen to that!!!!


A Halloween Story!
Friday, 27-Oct-00 21:29:52
    I know we all had favorite places to trick or treat. A kid growing up near Welch at one time or another did the trail on Stewart Street. Being I am from N. Welch, that was the “only” place to go. We all knew of certain houses to go to because they gave away the “biggest” candy bars, not that hard stuff that Mom always took away from us because we would get choked. After I became a Mother I stole, I mean I seperated that same hard stuff from my precious ones just like my Mommy did. Wouldn’t you know it, after a few years the kids caught on to my scheme. They found it in my purse, and even worse they caught me eating it. HA!

    My favorite Halloween story is when my cousin and I talked our parents into letting us go to the sock hop at the American Legion after a football game. It was the weekend before Halloween. We were told that the kids were going to dress up!!! We came up with the idea to dress like two identical witches, but still look cool at the same time. (I thought we looked goooood, didn’t you Barbara? - yes, she is a Lane to!) THAT is when I met my husband. He is from Big Creek and crashed our sock hop. But he thought that Barbara and I were two “hookers” not witches. Now that is one of his favorite Halloween stories. 

    Lets hear one of your favorite stories!!!


Friday, 27-Oct-00 20:28:10
    Just had to say "thanks" DJ, presuming that setting up a new MB isn't easy. I know all of us appreciate what you do for .... all of us! Now, let's rock n' roll with some more good-time oldies memories of WHS, Welch and McDowell County!

WHO ARE YOU? (OH NO! IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 
Friday, 27-Oct-00 20:09:45
    "Who Are You?"..........kinda like a grows on you after awhile! Not sure MBIV is ready for another "Who Are You?". But, if you are, here's your chance! Speaking for "Froggie", I can tell you he's outa here! I think he was mercifully gigged! :)

60`s Record Hops... 
Friday, 27-Oct-00 19:22:28
    Yes, I remember Eddie Snow well...he even came to the Pocahontas and danced with his foot in a that`s dedication!!! Tell him Russ said "Hi"...Ancil Sparks was also a fun person...always happy, and a good athlete...Sherry White did some baby sitting for me when I lived in Welch...wonder where she is now!! Man the memories are flooding back now...Did I see Ronnie Lamberts name on the deceased list??? Does anyone know where Sharon Wilson(Roberta`s sister)is now??? She married David Cook(no relation)aafter graduation... Russ

    Russell J.

The Political Scene 
Friday, 27-Oct-00 18:10:40
    Am I the first to post on the new page? 
    This is an exciting election year. How about a discussion on the election?

    Let's assume that someone out there is not sure who to vote for. (Gore - Bush; Underwood - Wise; Humphrys - Capito) How about some input on why to vote for someone rather than the usual talk that deals with why not to vote for a candidate.
    If you're still in WV, you know that the House seat that Wise once held had become a dirty race between Humphrys and Capito. 

    Let's hear it.

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