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Sep 23-2000 to Oct 27-2000

Thursday 26-Oct-2000 20:31:07
THe books for the reunion should be reaching the people that ordered them in the next week or so. The delay was getting the addresses retyped. SOrry for the delay but the books are coming. Hope you enjoy them. See you at the 2005 reunion. Spread the word to all who did and did not attend. See you then LETS all keep in touch.

Sherry Cline Belcher

Friday 27-Oct-2000 10:26:58
How can those who did not attend purchase a copy of the Memory Book?

Homer Hickam to be in WV for book signing
Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 17:13:24
Wanted to remind/alert you folks who are in the area that Homer is scheduled to be at Taylor's Bookstore at 226 Capitol St. Charleston on November 3 at 6pm and at Hearthside Books 1603-A Bland St. in Bluefield at 2pm on November 4.  He will of course be autographing his new release "The Coalwood Way." Be sure to stop by and see him.

Donnie Skuja

60s Record Hop
Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 16:41:12
Russ is alive and retired in Cleveland Ohio...and has been thinking alot about those "good old days" in Welch...I agree that Jimmy Joe Stamper was one of the best guy was Eddie Snow...and the list of gals is endless...Joann and Kendra Bruno...Sherry White...Carol(from Havaco)...Lola Duncan...Barbara David(from Gary sorry)...Ancil Sparks was very cool and a good dancer for a big guy...Linda Lucado(I mispronounced her name when she won a prize at the Record Hop)...The Record Hop at the theatre was a "good thing" and I missed it a great deal when I left in March of 1965...To all who remember those good days and good times I wish you health and happiness...and may God bless you!!!! Thanks for the memories.

Russ Cooke

Re: 60s Record Hop HEY WAVES!!!! RUSS COOKE IS HERE!!!!!
Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 21:37:33

Re: 60s Record Hop
Thursday 26-Oct-2000 16:22:24
If Russ could have been found while we were planning the Sensational Sixties Reunion we would have persuaded him generously($$) to have been our DJ but... I was just a little tyke when I first started going to the Record Hop. But that "little/big place" holds more memories that Carter has pills. How many of us had our hearts to flip/flop when that "cutie" ask us to dance or accepted the invitation. Did you ever dance with that special partner that just seemed to "click" and all of a sudden there seemed to be "parting of the WAVES" and you were the center attraction. (Hey it happened to me once but gosh darn it it was with my cousin ha! (we Lanes had many of them cousins that is and I never knew any of us who had two left feet) I met other kids from different schools and from the surrounding Counties? When we couldn't go to the Record Hop we would bribe or even go to drastic measures to get our younger brothers out of the house to turn off the TV so we could tune in on the RADIO with good ol' Russ Cook! Our brothers tell a tale that is so hard to believe. They told Mom and Dad and the world now that we locked them out on the back porch in their undies' -- in the snow -- so we could listen to the radio. (I don't remember that do you girls?) We would have to wait until Mom and Dad left for their weekly shopping trip to town throw the boys out side crank up the old radio that was ever so gently placed on the top of upright piano. My two sisters and I (youngest of us three he he) would grab a partner which by the way I ended up with the "bed post" most of the time because I was so short and would dance until the Record Hop was over or until we saw Dad's car pull in the drive way. So you see we never missed one Saturday either in person or in high spirit. Oh wait - one more thing they don't make bed post like they used to that blonde hard rock maple bed lasted for many many years until a house fire destroyed it.

Go Rhonda! Glad You Got That "Bedpost" Story In!!!!!
Thursday 26-Oct-2000 16:57:55


Re: 60s Record Hop
Thursday 26-Oct-2000 17:08:44
Hey "DJ": When we go over to Assembly Hall IV let's take Russ Cooke with us........What a way to Rock n' Roll into a new Message Board.....What memories! Great Memories tons of us have to share of those wonderful Record Hop Saturdays at the Pocahontas!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Re: 60s Record Hop
Thursday 26-Oct-2000 18:30:57
I guess the record hop was one my favorite memories growing up in Welch. My sister(Barbara) and I could not wait until Sat. morning to go . I remember us polishing our shoes on Friday night and getting everything ready to go early Sat. morning. Then after the record hop was over we would always go to the movies with our favorite fellow. At that time mine was Tommy Ranzo. I remember Jimmy Jo was the best dancer ever with those straight leg blue jeans and his loafers with no socks. How could we forget.

Jo Ann (Lane) McKinney

Re: Re: Re: 60s Record Hop
Thursday 26-Oct-2000 22:38:32
There is no doubt that Jimmy Joe was the "coolest dude" at the Pocahontas...I remember one Saturday that JJ and Kendra Bruno teamed up for a dance contest..(.they won easily)...If I remember correctly Kendra and her sister moved to North Carolina before Kendra graduated from WHS. Does anyone know where Jimmy Joe or Kendra is today??? I think I had as much fun as anyone at any of the Record Hops we had in and around Welch in the early 60`s...Again thanks for the memories!!! Russell J.


Re: Re: Re: Re: 60s Record Hop
Friday 27-Oct-2000 07:45:26
Last I heard Jimmy Joe lives in Florida. His brother Frankie lives in Salem VA.

Re: 60s Record Hop "More Favorites"
Friday 27-Oct-2000 07:52:34
For some reason when I think of Stamper dance partners I also think of PATTY STROUP (or Stroop) as being one of the "queens of dance" at The Record Hop and the Legion Club dances. Am I right? For sure Sherry White (Danny's sister) with that strawberry-blonde hair was one of my personal favorites! That sweetheart from Roderfield Vickie Falvo also would get my vote on any given Saturday morning. And I think we all can probably remember the always soaked "sweatin" Ancil Sparks! Man could he dance! Talk about a "flashback" these are folks I haven't thought of in years! Wow! What great memories of great times past!

Bob G.

Re: Re: 60s Record Hop - Favorite Dances "At The Hop"
Friday 27-Oct-2000 09:54:36
1. "The Push" -- Somethin' about that gentle touch of the hand to the guy's tummy made this one extra-special!
2. "The Stroll" -- Double lines with each couple getting that chance to "strut their stuff". (Hard for Rhonda to do with the Bedpost!)
3. "The Chalipso" -- That's Welch for Calypso! Great dancing to "Li'l Darlin" and "Diana"! BG

When girls could dance with girls!
Friday 27-Oct-2000 12:40:25
Bob you may have forgotten how smart little girls really are. I could do most anything with that bedpost even the "dip." Carolyn and Drema did share every now and but I always got stepped on so I was just as happy with the bedpost. The best dancing partner I had in grade school was Freida Abbot sister to Connie and Rachael. (It was alright for girls to dance together then.) Hey I could only dream of guys like Jimmy Joe or Joey Verdiglione. The guys that danced with me were friends of my sisters (they were cool to) and they danced with the younger sister to make an impression. Little did you all realize I could out dance and out giggle any and all others. HA! But you didn't figure on what "I" told my friends back at school on Monday. "You liked dancing with me the best." HA!
Why do you think I worked so hard on that old bed post? (folks I'm talking 11 and 12 years old) I had those boys twisted around my little fingers. All I had to do was look sad and lonely and I had all expenses paid for. I would get a coke when my sisters did go the movies when they did (what would they do with me put this kid on the streets not with my Dad you didn't). One thing my sisters will never admit to "they taught me everything I know!!!" Thanks sis I used every sly deed you taught me AND IT WORKED! I even got to dance with Jimmy Joe and Joey!


Re: When girls could dance with girls!
Friday 27-Oct-2000 14:24:16
Hey Rhonda: Maybe I should have had a bedpost too! I always enjoy reading your posts. And if anyone knows "posts" it's that li'l sis Rhonda! Too funny! :) BG

Re: 60s Record Hop
Friday 27-Oct-2000 14:57:16
How good to hear from Russ Cooke!  We've wondered where in the world you were. Can you put a date on your calendar just for old time's sake and dj a record hop in some arena Russ?
Wouldn't that be the razzzzberries!  Next time I hear from my brother Eddie I'll tell him about this web site...He's out in California these days doing his own thing... Don't get to see him often. He was quite the dancer...and so was my brother Mac.  As for me the Record Hop was certainly an enjoyable event! I STILL love to dance!  Thanks for checking in Russ and revealing your whereabouts...

Would love to get e-mail from old friends...

phylenia snow french

Get A Grip People!!
Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 09:19:32
Man Alive...didn't anyone understand that what I was talking about in my "Poor Us?" entry of last week? To set the record straight I was born in Roderfield and proud of it. No my family was not rolling in money. Both my parents worked but we certainly weren't rich. I NEVER felt inferior to anyone because of the fact that I didn't live in Welch. (We did move to Welch when I was in the 9th grade) I never felt discriminated against by teachers or students because of where I lived. Sure there were students with more money and there were students with less money but what I meant in my comment about being not being poor was that we had everything we needed in McDowell County. In my opinion richness is not measured by your bank account it's measured by friends family and opportunity. We got a fabulous education in McDowell County and we had everything that larger towns had. Personally speaking I never cared how much money or what type of clothes people had. If I liked you I liked you if I didn't like you then I didn't like you. Plain and simple. Sure there are always people who think they're better than other people but if you have a good self image none of that matters. I was a Junior High cheerleader one of my sisters was a Senior Sig the other was a Prim Priscilla. All of us belonged to clubs and had friends from Havaco Kimball Davy and Welch. Good friends and good memories make us rich. Every day at WHS was not fun and games but I choose to remember the best of times not the worst. I'm sorry that some of us had a hard financial time growing up and I fully understand that. Sorry if some of you took my message to mean that I thought everyone was rich. In my opinion we all had a richness of friends and family and a beautiful safe place to grow up that can never be equaled.

Diane Turner Clemins

Re: Get A Grip People!!
Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 11:36:21
Come on tell the truth! You liked McDowell County because you got to tag along when I chauffeured Clara and Judy around.


Re: Re: Get A Grip People!!
Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 12:28:23
You're right Jimmy there were SOME perks to having older sisters who had friends with brothers who could drive!


Re: Re: Re: Get A Grip People!!
Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 16:01:14
I don't know if we were poor but when my parents couldn't afford to have any kids a neighbor had me. Seriously I grew up in Capels and my dad was the book keeper for the mines and company store. We never went hungry and always had clean clothes even though with 2 older brothers I wore a lot of hand-me-downs. I walked the 3 miles to Welch plenty of times to go to the movies or just to go to the tic tock or a dance or party but always had company doing the same thing. It was normal not a hardship. We boys just stood on the corner and talked and in the winter we had a fire to stand around and keep warm. Sometimes when we had a big snow the whole community would turn out to sleigh ride down the hill. There are plenty of things that money can't buy and one of them is happiness which we had a lot of. Those memories will be with me forever if my mind holds out. I'm proud to be from MacDowell county.

Jerry Farris

Re: Re: Re: Get A Grip People!!
Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 21:20:31
One of the good things about McDowell County or should I say Welch High School was that there were some cute guys that made going to school worth while!

1955 Senior Class Pictures
Sunday 22-Oct-2000 16:46:50
Looks like I did such a good job of cleaning up the mess on this particular page I ended up deleting 32 of your pictures! Please accept my apologies. Thanks to Larry Hylton for alerting me to the problem and to Bill Tolley for helping me retrieve the lost pictures. You can view the photos from the 1955 Senior Class yearbook HERE

Donnie Skuja

Re: 1955 Senior Class Pictures
Sunday 22-Oct-2000 19:16:51
Looks good to me Donnie. Good job!

Bill Tolley

Sunday 22-Oct-2000 11:06:45


Re: Welcome Roddy To The "Metallic Age" Of 53!
Sunday 22-Oct-2000 11:49:36
Hey Roddy Happy 53rd! Looks like we've both made it to the "metallic age"......Teeth full of gold hair full of silver and butts full of lead! Take it from me it's a good age......once you get through these birthday greetings! Here's wishing you many more!

Bob Greene

Re: Re: Welcome Roddy To The
Tuesday 24-Oct-2000 17:22:58
Roddy....Happy 53!

Sandy Bailey

Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 12:56:00
Couldn't resist this one! Yep it's The Hillary's 53rd too! Hope "Bubba" remembered!

Poor? US?
Friday 20-Oct-2000 10:44:51
couldn't help but comment on an entry on the guestbook page from a WHS grad who stated she "didn't know how poor we were" until she left Welch. I don't know about the rest of you but I never felt poor. Welch had everything we needed. We had movies drive-ins clothing stores dances ballgames and a great safe place to grow up. It gripes me to hear people talk about Welch after they leave. Believe me if the job situation was different lots of us regular visitors to this website would still be McDowell Countians and would have raised our children there. I'm sure every family had some tough times but all in all while I was growing up Welch was a booming place.

Diane Turner Clemins

Re: Poor? US? Many were!!!!!!
Friday 20-Oct-2000 17:28:09
Don't know where you lived but I saw many people in Welch and surounding little towns in McDowell County that did not have enough food to feed there family. Clothes to wear. A way to heat their home!!!! The Churches were trying to help feed these people and put clothes on their backs.
Where ever one lives just be thankful that you have what you have. I went to school on the Hill and saw just how poor some these kids were. I am WVA born. I love the state but it is a poor state even in todays standards. Just because some of us did not suffer they were many that did.

WVA Born

Re: Re: Poor? US? Many were!!!!!!
Friday 20-Oct-2000 19:04:03
I doubt there are many of us from Welch and McDowell County who don't remember someone if not a lot of folks less fortunate than ourselves. I still cherish the memory that although many of us didn't "have" much we never really "wanted" for much. The people churches and other support systems seemed to be in place in that small community to help those in need. It goes almost without saying that those of us from even the most humble beginnings in McDowell County still consider ourselves fortunate......knowing that no matter how bad we might have thought it was it sure could have been a lot worse.


Re: Poor us?
Sunday 22-Oct-2000 20:37:15
I read the original and added threads and went on to other things but after a moment of thought one of the responses really bugged me and I want to add something. I'm overjoyed that that one contributor was able to justify that we weren't poor simply because we were from McDowell County and attended Welch HS. Did you have to cut cardboard using you foot as a pattern to put inside your shoes because of the holes in the shoe soles? Did you have to handwash and dry each night your one or two outfits by hanging your clothes near the heat source in your house so you would have something to wear the next day and hope that you wouldn't be ridiculed too badly because the small minds noticed that you didn't have very much variety in your wardrobe? Did you take a commodities biscuit and cheese sandwich for lunch and eat in the bleachers in the gym as far away from others as you could possibly get because the comments hurt? Did you stay in a jam with the "great wonderful and understanding" Ed Richardson who had your grades reduced because you defended your younger brother and sister from the mean spirited tauntings of the "haves" whose family good fortune was on the backs of the "havenot" displaced miners without jobs because of mine closings? Did you attend your senior prom even though you were being discouraged from it by the teacher sponsors wearing a burial suit and cardboard shoes that were purchased from Douglas Mortuary?  It rained that night and after about an hour at the prom being avoided by your classmates you leave and get soaked standing on the side of US 52 trying to thumb a ride home and the dye in the suit running and the suit shrinking and coming apart at the seams and cardboard shoes disentegrating after getting soaked? You don't graduate with a high GPA because the mark down in grades which had nothing to do with classroom performance put you out of reach for any possible academic scholarship assistance

Re: Re: Poor us?
Sunday 22-Oct-2000 22:52:01
A lot of us really had to struggle. Some families had it very hard when the mines would lay off or completely shut down. Our parents could never think of leaving their home but most of us "youngins" were encourged to do just that. Remember the testing and recruiting for jobs that was done from the Army Dept. in Washington DC? We must never forget the determination to make a better life for us and our children came out of those hills. As someone who also had to overcome severe poverty when I left my home in McDowell county I just remembered the honesty and integrity my family had instilled in me. You just didn't see that much from other parts of this great country. I also remember the days of hunger and shabby clothes. But I think it taught me compassion love and deep respect for others. My parents did their best and I am so glad if I had to be brought up poor it was in those hollows in West Virgina and not the big city ghettos. I am proud to say I am from Welch West Virginia. Am I am better person because of my poor upbringing? Yes I am.

Re: Re: Poor us?
Monday 23-Oct-2000 09:28:14
At the risk of sounding like one of the "small minded 'haves'" portrayed in the above posting I find the "Poor Us" title of the posting an appropriate description of the self-pity projected in the comments. I'm not the one saying "get over" the Viet Nam war but I'll be among the first to say I can certainly "get over" Jane Fonda in a heartbeat! What troubles me more are the comments begrudging and berating a deceased former principal former teacher/sponsors and classmates........painful memories and resentment which should have been left at the door "on the hill" those 45 years ago.
The parting "shot" at those who attended the recent Class of 55 reunion seemed to me to be as inappropriate as the writer's decision to wear cardboard shoes to a Prom and the decision to "relive" an unpleasant high school experience by attending a reunion of classmates obviously disliked 45 years earlier. If the intent of attending a reunion was to seek "healing" or "closure" to feelings of resentment after all these years although commendable it obviously wasn't successful.
Many of our fathers lost their jobs directly or indirectly due to mine closings. However some of those fathers (and mothers) had the will drive and wherewithal to move on to find work in other areas of the country even though it meant living apart and financially struggling in a displaced family situation. They chose not to wallow in the hollow and in their own self-pity waiting to see what happened next. I strongly believe the true test of one's mettle and character in such adverse circumstances is his or her ability to "rise above their raisin'" learn from it and move on to a better life. Many of us and our parents chose to do that....not because we and they wanted to but because we and they had to. If for no other reason I'm proud to have been and to remain in the writer's characterization "a have".

You missed the message and made assumptions...
Tuesday 24-Oct-2000 09:56:32
...I took the time to make sure I responded in a civil and appropriate manner to your comments. Firstly you apparently missed the tenor of my post I was illustrating to the original commentator that the fact of attending Welch HS did not negate the reality that many of us were poor. If the original meaning was that attending Welch HS provided a rich experience then the poster is right on track because we all learned many things not the most important dealing with adversity. You mistook illustration for self pity if you knew me you would see how wrong you are in that regard. Those events were learning opportunities that help prepare me for attaining goals. Since you did not walk in my shoes and I did not walk in yours our views of the schools administration and faculty will be different as with most others. Death does not erase anyones actions while they were living and I mourn their passing as I was taught to do. The experience I had at the reunion was factual and while disappointing I learned that I had gone past the youthful cruelty (including mine?) but that once again we are all different and some choose to live in the past. I proably don't know you so I am at a loss as to how I may have characterized you although that didn't stop you from putting me in my place. This has gone way too long and in defference to others who visit here and read I will conclude my diatribe by saying I sincerely hope you get over your pomposity arrogance and amatuer psychological evaluations of me. May you prosper have peace of mind and may God go with you.

Re: You missed the message and made assumptions...
Tuesday 24-Oct-2000 10:08:20
Right on!!!!

Re: The Message Was Clear; No Assumptions Were Made; Enough Said; Let's Move On.
Tuesday 24-Oct-2000 10:42:27

Re: Re: The Message Was Clear; No Assumptions Were Made; Enough Said; Let's Move On.
Tuesday 24-Oct-2000 14:45:48
I found your story very interesting. I also found it very poignant and have thought about it often. Stories like these can help others who have suffered through similar circumstances realize they are not the only ones in the world. I thought you were very creative and showed great perserverance. Maybe you should think of writing a book.

Re: Re: Re: The Message Was Clear; No Assumptions Were Made; Enough Said; Let's Move On.
Tuesday 24-Oct-2000 16:18:26
I agree. Your story tells a story that a lot of young teens in the hills and coal camps can relate to. Sorry some cannot understand the hardships and the deep pain unless you have walked in those cardboard shoes. I also see that a low or lower high school GPA had nothing to do with intelligence either. I thank you.

Re: Re: Poor us?
Monday 23-Oct-2000 11:51:36
I appreciate your comments. I think we can learn something from negative experiences as well as positive. After watching a show the other night I asked the others if they had someone in their high school class that just about everyone picked on. Yes. I bet a name instantly springs to your mind too. I shamefully regret those times I joined in & laughed too!  It's amazing that years later we can turn around & say to that person "Aren't you over that yet?"! I just want to say to that person that I'm sorry that you had to deal with such poverty & that it was magnified by some classmates "picking on you"! I'm sure you had some funny & happy memories too!  This is a life lesson that we can pass on to our children & grandchildren--never have fun at others expense it has lasting consequences. Hey we were not perfect teenagers nor did we have perfect teachers (although Mr. Jack was pretty close to perfect!). Yeah we even made fun of some of our teachers.  I enjoy hearing about your sad memories as well as your happy memories. They are all part of our memories from "on the hill".

Re: Re: Re: Poor us?
Monday 23-Oct-2000 14:36:22
My heart goes out to you my brother from McDowell Co for all the inhumanities you suffered. I remember too how cruel some of the teachers could be. I was somewhere in the middle but I certainly had a lot of compassion for those less fortunate. I have heard that some class reunions typify the same old boring cliques from high school of "hangers on"! At our reunion we tried very hard to make everyone feel at home talking to everyone and making a lot of new friends while renewing old friendships. It is a time to come together and welcome home all our brothers and sisters. If that is not your intention lady perhaps you could have a reunion just for your cliques (or haves) that is if they could afford to come.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Poor us?
Monday 23-Oct-2000 16:07:03
I lost you on your last sentence. Have no idea what you were saying especially on the "lady" part.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Poor us?
Monday 23-Oct-2000 18:19:16
You are so right! I felt the 70's reunion was very positive. We were making new friends as well as renewing old ones. If any of you hesitated from coming because you weren't sure how you would be welcome let me asure you that everyone was absolutely terrific! Didn't see any cliques in the last two of them. It was amazing to get to know some classmates better that I didn't have the priviledge of knowing very well as a teenager. I think I appreciate everyone's uniqueness more now! God bless everyone!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Poor us?
Monday 23-Oct-2000 19:06:02
I think you may have said the very thing we all need to understand and embrace. The "uniqueness" of each of us is a wonder. The larger group reunions is the best way to come together for only the love of a old school. If anyone only want to see their old friends then invite them to dinner.
The old school of brick and stones may not stand much longer and we need to hold on to the memories as long as we can. Lets all get together as much and as often as we can to bond even more with our different classes. As we get older the great idea of more ALL WHS ALUMNI reunions becomes even more appealing to most of us. Who care what class you graduated in lets get together and have some fun and remember the school. I only remember the good times now because we all have grown and should put aside the foolishness of the young.

Re: Re: Poor us?
Monday 23-Oct-2000 17:23:59
I think sometimes the pain of the young does stay with the person through out their lives and closure is needed when this happens. I also commend anyone for trying achieve this. Our childhood memories are very precious and we need to only retain the good ones if we can.
The sucessful class reunions of the Fabulous Fifties the Sensational Sixties and the Seventies appeared to be because of this very reason. We all came together to see the old school and have a fellowship with our alumni. Nothing could ever top the sight of the hugs and tears of the brothers sisters cousins and best friends of different classes looking up on that old school on the hill. Good or bad memories they were ours to deal with and hold close. Not one single clique could hold its own because of the numbers of the alumni attending. Please never pass up a chance to attend one of these reunions. That is if you don't mind getting hugged by a stanger in an emmotional moment of seeing the old school or hearing the old pep song being sung by all. Take a chance lets not miss the next one. I assure everyone as these reunions gets more organized and more people are located all will be hugs and tears(good ones). May God bless and heal all the wounds of the young heart. We are all McDowell countians and all have a lot to be proud of. We are made of "Good Stock" as our forefathers would say.

Re: Re: Re: Poor us?
Monday 23-Oct-2000 17:33:51
Well being hugged by a "stanger" is not exactly what I meant to say. And really not even being hugged by a stranger is exactly it either. What I wanted to say was that getting hugged by who I THOUGHT was a stranger was a joy. In fact the stranger was a neighbor down the road from my family who I had not seen in over 35 years. We have now stayed in touch and have become very close friends. I have added a lot of friends to my life just by going back home and remembering the times (GOOD and BAD) of the old high school ON THE HILL.

Why Must We Dwell On WVa's & McDowell County's Impoverished Past?
Tuesday 24-Oct-2000 15:58:19
This is sure to "stoke the fire" but are others as weary as I am of hearing about the poverty and financial adversity so many southern West Virginians have (or have not) faced? It's a new day people! Why must we continue to languish in stories of impoverished suffering from years gone by? I think it's time to think of what's good for WVA today tomorrow and in the future rather than dwell on all that's been so "bad" there for years. If we can't "smell the coffee" we ought to at least be able to "wake-up" and get with the rest of America.

Re: Why Must We Dwell On WVa's & McDowell County's Impoverished Past?
Tuesday 24-Oct-2000 21:38:19
Well let me say these are positive messages. These are messages of celebration. Look at what we've accomplished! These are not stories of impoverished Southern West Virginians as it is brave stories from our fellow classmates! Cheers to us our journey from there to here!

October 19 1947
Wednesday 18-Oct-2000 18:57:42
Happy Birthday Bobby Greene!

Re: October 19 1947
Thursday 19-Oct-2000 00:09:14
Did you really think we would forget! NOOOOOOOOOOO WAY - for BOBBY GREENE IS 53 TODAY!
Hey Bobby it's your birthday Hey Bobby You're a great big STAR! Hey Bobby It's your birthday and 53 years old you are! My name is ZOOM and I came from the Moon I came down to Earth just to sing you this tune - HEY BOBBY IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! BOBBY - YOU'RE THE STAR!!!

Re: October 19 1947
Thursday 19-Oct-2000 08:15:09
Happy birthday to our favorite honorary WHS alum! Thanks for all the kind words and memories you share with us and for helping to keep this message board alive.

Karol Radochio

Re: Re: October 19 1947
Thursday 19-Oct-2000 10:51:46

a Perfect Princess 4 U

Re: Re: Re: October 19 1947
Thursday 19-Oct-2000 10:52:53


Re: Re: Re: Re: October 19 1947
Thursday 19-Oct-2000 11:02:09
Hey I fear there's a "faux" snowflake out there.

The Real Thing

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: October 19 1947
Thursday 19-Oct-2000 11:51:34
Couldn't be - for I am she!

Re: October 19 1947
Thursday 19-Oct-2000 14:17:50
Thanks to each of you for your thoughtfulness! How nice it is to be remembered on one's birthday...or for that matter to be remembered at all! It's particularly nice (and interesting) to receive greetings from princesses and snowflakes. In 53 years that's a first!
Again thank you for sharing your kindness and let's continue to share the memories.

Bob Greene

Re: Re: October 19 1947
Thursday 19-Oct-2000 15:28:06
Thanks also as if I could forget to "Zoom From The Moon" for the "tune" above. I'm sure I know you and you're in there amongst my favorites....along with princess and snowflake. Have to ask is everyone's 53rd as mystically weird as mine? :-)


Re: Re: Re: October 19 1947
Friday 20-Oct-2000 08:07:09
Bob "old" boy not all of us have had that mystical birthday yet!!! (still a little ways to go)
Possibly your day was (it's day 20) weird because - of all things - you spent most of the time on the computer.
But you know what? This WAS better. How many times can you have a birthday with this many friends unless we can get back to the Record Hop!


Re: Re: Re: Re: October 19 1947
Friday 20-Oct-2000 12:47:53
Rhonda: Speaking of the Record Hop at the ol' Pochahontas I still think you need to write that book of your "growing-up in North Welch/McDowell County memories". And when you do be sure to include a passage about how (as the odd-numbered sister) you had to "practice" dancing with the BEDPOST on Friday nights before the big Record Hop on Saturday! I always enjoy reading your postings. Thanks for the B'day greeting! Bob G.

October 19 1947
Friday 20-Oct-2000 17:10:11


Re: October 19 1947
Thursday 19-Oct-2000 14:30:20

Brenda Eubank

Erroneous death notice for Maria Dimasa
Wednesday 18-Oct-2000 11:45:31
My deepest apologies to Maria and her family. I received notice this morning that Maria (class of '57) is in fact alive and well. She has been living in New York since 1965. She was married for 34 years to Aurelio Zucco who passed away September 27 1998. Maria has three children (a daughter age 35 and two sons ages 34 and 31). She also has two grandchildren (a grandson age 3 and a granddaughter age 1).
Along with information sent to me by families of the deceased I have to rely on the notices you former classmates provide me to maintain our list of former WHS students who have passed away. Therefore I cannot emphasize how important it is for you to be absolutely sure the information you are providing is correct. Thanks.

Donnie Skuja

looking for friends..class of 1978
Tuesday 17-Oct-2000 19:27:56
just looking for some of my friends from school

wayne lester

Re: looking for friends..class of 1978
Thursday 26-Oct-2000 20:27:09
Nice to hear from you. Hope you can make the reunion. I sent you a .little email. This web page is great.

Sherry Cline Belcher Class of 78

Susan Hawthorne class of '67
Tuesday 17-Oct-2000 17:45:12
This is one of those "it's a small world" stories. While in Ocean City this past weekend my friends and I decided to attend the "Wine on the Beach" wine festival. Wineries from New York Virginia Pennsylvania and West Virginia were featured. The very first tent we encountered was that of a West Virginia winery. When one of my friends asked if it was located anywhere near Welch the lady pouring the wines told us that she is from Welch. That lady is Susan Hawthorne! Susan and her husband operate the Forks of Cheat winery just outside of Morgantown. What a nice surprise to so unexpectedly run into somebody from home. We had a great visit while Susan treated me to a sampling of their Vidal Blanc a delightfully delicious white wine they make at Forks of Cheat. Be sure to go visit the winery if/when you are in the Morgantown area.

Donnie Skuja

Info about the winery
Wednesday 18-Oct-2000 11:04:57
I forgot to post some additional information about the Forks of Cheat winery. They have a very nice web site at
The site includes a picture of Susan and her husband Jerry Deal as well as some interesting background information on the history of this winery.


Reunion!!! Need Help Finding Classmates 62-64
Sunday 15-Oct-2000 19:10:52
We are planning a reunion for the Spring of 2001 for the classes of 1962 1963 and 1964. To date most of our responses have been from 1963 grads because we are 1963 grads and had the most contacts for that year. If you have email or snail mail addresses for anyone in these classes please forward to me. We are really looking for a volunteer to work 1962. Ronnie Collins has volunteered to work 1964 and we are handling 1963 and all miscellaneous. Would love to hear from you. Please use the email above or Thanks.


Checking in again
Sunday 15-Oct-2000 13:56:09
Just checking in again to see who has been added to the "living" and "passed on" list. Thanks again to those who have contributed to and maintain this site. I have been in touch with some friends from the great year of 1953. It is good to renew old friendships and remember the good times. Nothing new here working 3 hours per day 4 days per week for the rest of this year. May retire again in the Spring. Remember - Life is Short Pray Hard.

Samuel Franklin (Pig) Reeves

Yes Mac Dowell County indeed..
Saturday 14-Oct-2000 22:01:28
Nope that is the Independent State of MacDowell County.. <Big Toothless Grin>

Mike Zuchick

Mt. View Homecoming Tonight
Friday 13-Oct-2000 07:54:46
I was just reading the Bluefield Daily Telegraph online and see that Mt. View is celebrating homecoming tonight against the Bluefield Beavers. Remembering too many "slaughters" at the hands of the Beavers good luck Golden Knights.


Re: Mt. View Homecoming Tonight
Friday 13-Oct-2000 11:42:49
There's something about frosty evenings and the smell of cigarettes and hot chocolate that takes me back to Maroon Wave Stadium and all those memories of Friday night football. Those were the best of times.

Re: Mt. View Homecoming Tonight
Saturday 14-Oct-2000 12:19:18
Mt.View actually did beat Bluefield last put a notch in their belts. One of my Dance class students is a senior at Mt.View and she talked yesterday about "decorating the field" well I remember as a member of the Pep Club going out to MAROON WAVE STADIUM and wrapping the goal posts etc. in preparation for these big games. So many happy memories of football Friday nights.....and I still say that the most exciting win of my memories was the Welch-Beaver game my senior year ('63-'64 season) when we beat them 13-7.....that stadium was packed to the gills and it was sooo cold....but we held them on the ONE YARD LINE for 4 downs and sent their saddles home to Bluefield. I never thought any game could measure up to playing and beating Gary but that is one game that topped that at least that season. If memory serves we were the first WV team to beat Beaver in 11 years at that time. (Of course they also accused us of watering the field....whatever sense that was supposed to make!!!!) I LOVED IT and will ALWAYS recall football season as one of the highest points of the school year. WEREN'T WE SOOOO LUCKY TO BE WAVES?????

Elinor Turner Bright-'64

See Pictures from 8/5/00 Cookout at Ronnie Collins' HERE
Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 18:44:41

Re: See Pictures from 8/5/00 Cookout at Ronnie Collins'
Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 21:09:33
Loved the pictures....what a great day we all had together--I'm just sorry we didn't get up to the Sterling the night before!! (Too much "trying to get ready to head South"). Good job Donnie and hey Ronnie????? THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Elinor & Sandy Bright

Re: See Pictures from 8/5/00 Cookout at Ronnie Collins' <a href=
Tuesday 17-Oct-2000 16:16:02
What a day! To see the different classes come together and talk of good times in a casual and relaxed atmosphere was worth all the effort put into getting the gathering together. The front porch was always full of WHS alumni and the grill putting out the best hot dogs and hamburgers that could compare to the Sterling's. Thanks John! A few walked off to the little secluded lake to reflect with old friends...some had their feet in the pool. But until you have listen to Pete Beck '63 and Jimmy Brown '65 talk of their teen antics you have not experienced a rib tickling hoot of a day. Others had similar tales and laughter was abundant. Great fun!


Mike's Woodshop now links to WHS Alumni Page
Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 17:54:43
In Christ All
Now Mike's Woodshop is linked to the Welch High School Alumni Web Page.. Checkout the Free Scroll Saw Patterns and some of the work I have done todate.

Mike Zuchick

Re: Mike's Woodshop now links to WHS Alumni Page
Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 18:37:42
Mike as soon as I get around to updating the WHS links page again I'll be sure to add your site. Can't believe how much your site has grown already.

Donnie Skuja

Ethel Lee Mahaffey
Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 16:57:45
Ethel Lee
I have lost your email address. Please send again. Miss talking with you. Thanks.

Liz "Burton" Drees

Re: Ethel Lee Mahaffey
Friday 13-Oct-2000 21:19:52
Ethyl my email address is

New Gift Ideas
Tuesday 10-Oct-2000 22:21:31
We have added a couple of new products to our online catalog. Now in addition to the white T-shirt you can order gray T-shirts sweatshirts long-sleeve t-shirts and babydoll T's with the maroon WHS lettering and school seal. We also offer a mousepad with a picture of WHS on it and a mug with the maroonwave logo. Any of these would make great Christmas gifts

Donnie Skuja

1955 Class Reunion
Tuesday 10-Oct-2000 21:38:05
Having attended the 1955 class reunion only tended to reinforce my belief that I had some of the most treasured class mates that a student could have. Those young friends that I once knew are now my older friends. I am richer for having known them. Thank you Miss Judy and Don for organizing the affair. It was so good to see hear and talk to Marshall Chapman David Atkins Pat Chapman James Sparks Larry Hylton Bill Tolley Frank Roncella Gwen Martin Joe Sinacrope Delores and the many others who attended. I know that the class of 1955 had some of the best looking girls of any of the classes before and after. I could not believe when I was leaving the Holliday Inn I met Peggy Tolley. It has probably been 47 years but at long last I received a hug from one of the best looking girls in school.

Ray Hunt

A Iaeger High School Invitation
Tuesday 10-Oct-2000 12:40:13
The following message was recently posted in response to a message that has been on the board for a while. I have copied it and reposted to make sure those of you who do not review the older messages see it. (Wonder if there is a way to "renew" an older message when somebody posts a new response?) Donnie Skuja:

29-Sep-00 Hi everyone
Just wanted to let you all know that we are planning another 50's-60's reunion for Iaeger High School on April 20-21st. We remember a lot of classmates and friends from Welch-Sandy and Elinor Bright Connie and Ronnie Collins Roddie Mabe Pam and Penny Money etc.
Would like to invite anyone to come join us for a great time. Had a great response last time. please contact me or my sister Sandy if interested. Thanks Kay Howery Osborne

Internet Explorer Script Error
Monday 9-Oct-2000 17:09:20
Is anyone else getting an Internet Explorer Script Error message saying "an error has occurred in the script on this page"? I've gotten it at work and at home today on the message board. What does this mean? Is it okay to click on "yes" continue running this page?

Re: Internet Explorer Script Error
Monday 9-Oct-2000 20:02:12
It appears there is something wrong with your Internet Explorer program. Microsoft has instructions for what to do about this at
However before you try Microsoft's solution (which sounds awfully confusing to me) try going to the main WHS Web Site and clicking on the Message Board link there to see if the same thing happens. If you get to the Message Board ok using that link you may just need to change your bookmark. If not guess you'll have to use the Microsoft instructions to correct the problem.

Donnie Skuja

Re: Re: Internet Explorer Script Error
Monday 9-Oct-2000 20:10:12
I can't get that link to the Microsoft instruction page to work. If you need to check it just go to and select the link to Support at the top of their home page. When you get there select Internet Explorer (for the type of program you are asking about) and then type in the words "An error has occurred in script on this page"
That will take you to the same page I listed.


Re: Internet Explorer Script Error
Monday 9-Oct-2000 21:07:51
What version of Internet Explorer are you using? You can find this by clicking on "Help" in Internet Explorer and then select "About Internet Explorer".

Re: Re: Internet Explorer Script Error
Tuesday 10-Oct-2000 16:39:03
I'm under the impression that a "script error" is the result of an error on a specific page/site as opposed to that of an error on the part of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or in this case Internet Explorer. I sometimes get a "script error" message when visiting a particular website; but I don't attribute that error to anything other than a possible html. or graphic design flaw by the developer of the respective webpage or site I'm "visiting". Usually when this happens I just click on "Yes" when prompted as to whether or not I want to continue on that particular site with the "script error" and everything continues from there in normal/uninterrupted fashion. Again I don't think the problem warrants a "fix" with Internet Explorer.....From what I gather it's a "site-specific" error that's easily corrected by clicking on "Yes" when the script error message appears.

Re: Re: Re: Internet Explorer Script Error
Tuesday 10-Oct-2000 16:46:44
Can you believe it? That particular intellectually inspired and prepared message came from "Plate-Head"! Yep and if you don't believe it just ask the WebMistress! Imagine what that guy could do with a "full place-setting"! :)

Re: Re: Re: Internet Explorer Script Error
Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 11:32:54
I would venture to agree that you probably will get some kind of error notice when something is wrong with the script coding on a web page. However the quoted scripting error notice generally occurs when your browser is not compatible with the script coding the web designer(s) have used on a web page. (I'm using designer(s) here because the coding on our message board consists of input from me the message board host as well as those people who write the coding for the ads on the site.)
Microsoft acknowledged that such a compatibility problem existed in the Internet Explorer browser several years ago and provided web designers specific coding to use to prevent the error message. Since then Microsoft has addressed the problem (tried to make the browser compatible with all scripting codes in use) during their upgrades to Internet Explorer.
The "just click on through the prompts" remedy suggested is ok to use and should allow you to access the web page; however you may not be seeing the entire page or not seeing it as the designer(s) intended. This should pose no problem when viewing the message board page as long as you are seeing all the posted messages.  But if you want to be sure you are viewing web pages as the designer(s) intended and since the Internet Explorer upgrades are FREE I highly recommend taking advantage of them. It's sort of like exchanging your VCR player for a DVD without the additional expense.
If you have a current version of Internet Explorer installed on your PC but are still getting the script error message check the various remedies suggested by Microsoft on their pages.

Donnie Skuja

October Sky Festival
Monday 9-Oct-2000 06:33:12
What a nice day even if it was windy and alittle cool there was a good crowd and lots of good food. We enjoyed meeting the Rocket Boys and getting the new book. It was great to see the way the park has been restored and everyone seemed to be having a good time.Thanks for getting the word out about the event


Re: October Sky Festival
Monday 9-Oct-2000 11:57:17
YOU were there??? So was I and it WAS a great day. I saw people from Ohio Michigan Kentucky S. Carolina Virginia and Florida etc. and my ex-neighbors old friends and family and made many new friends etc. It was cool to say the least but boy the food was good. Coalwood kept Sonny (Homer) Hickam the rest of the Rocket Boys and his Mother warm by using a Kerosene heater under the open tent now was that not just ingenious or what? No wonder the crowd was so slow in moving ha! (there was a crowd around the apple butter kettle all the time to!) Signs were up telling when the various book signing would be and the first starting at 10am and ending at 6pm. People started lining up for autographs at 9am. The line never did thin out most of them were 2 1/2 hours waiting at a time and all were laughling and having a good time. NO one would give up there space when they took that break. Some of the people had 2 and 3 books a piece for them to sign. At 6pm there were still 20 or 30 people waiting.

Also you should purchase the 2001 Calendar... It is great! See gift ideas on how to order your calendar.
David and I stopped in to have a look-see at the new museum to open in Welch in the old Superior Office Supply building. (you know to give advise on how it should be run and just where to put the 6 foot black bear ha) We talked with the owner (Ieager grad) and let me tell ya this is going to be great!!! Called "My Mountain History Museum." Ribbon cutting will be October 23 2000. Donnie will post more about this (after I email her ha)

By the way guys drool over the WV sub I had this weekend at King George's..... hmmmmm breakfast was just as hmm - hmm good! Our new out-of-state friend had a steak for dinner the night before and ordered the same for "breakfast" the next morning he was so impressed! Said it was the best steak he has ever had!

Re: Re: October Sky Festival
Monday 9-Oct-2000 14:10:10
By the way - (especially you Sis) if I spelled everthink rite in these writens then you wouldena have nothin to talk about. I don't think I have entered a message yet that I correctly spilled sompin write! So don't knock me around laugh as I lauf at me. How many are a written these thinks at your office anyway??? Trying to sneak a word here and there be in fore your boss ketchez you. Because believe you me aftr typngi all daa I sure as he---ck don't want to see a keybord when I get home. Besides one more think Donnie didn't provide a spell chekcer with this heer masuage bord. I think my lucky stars for the one I haave rite cheer.

Ok - Ok I am not as witty as the lovely Rhear. (no one can top this lovely lady) But at least I have an excuse ha! (and it ain't being from N. Welch either) If this excuse is not good enough then - it is these darn long nails. What excuse do you boys have that hunt and peck stuff)
Still thinking about home and wish'en I could be home on November 11 for the Veterans parade wow what a memory. Ain't somebody made up a song for that yet? Here goes:
Just think'in about home and the Veter'ens day parade. Just think'in about home and the songs they played.


Re: Re: Re: October Sky Festival
Monday 9-Oct-2000 15:01:18
Hey Rhonda........Think you done been dippin' in some of the same "recipe" The Rhear uses! Shore wish I had THAT recipe! What caught my 'tention wasn't the spellin' was that part bout The Rhear being a "lovely lady"....No doubt she's "lovely". I was jest a little slow on the pick-up of that there "lady" part! Are we talkin' bout the same "Rhear"?


Re: Re: Re: Re: October Sky Festival
Monday 9-Oct-2000 16:56:43
Hey Hey Hey! I'm a lady (or did you mean the lovely part) - when I have to be. I clean up real good when necessary - which ain't often thank goodness! An et b ok dat Rhonda cain't spale cose ifan she cud et wuldent b no fun tu read dis boart glass brains! (aka platehead) Love to you all!

WHS Class of 1955
Sunday 8-Oct-2000 16:19:20
My apologies to the class of 1955. I took a look at your senior class pictures page last night and it was a mess. I'm not sure what happens after files sit on the Internet for a while with no changes/updates but they apparently need to be uploaded anew every now and then. I did so for the 1955 senior class pictures and will work my way through the other pages which have not been changed/updated lately.
There is no way I can check all these pages daily so please let me know when you find anything wrong with one.
By the way Class of '55 we are eager to hear about your reunion this weekend.

Donnie Skuja

Re: WHS Class of 1955
Sunday 8-Oct-2000 20:14:24
A good time was had by one and all! Pictures to follow soon.

Bill Tolley

Re: WHS Class of 1955
Sunday 8-Oct-2000 21:22:35
It was a great weekend. The mountains have never looked better.
The program was excellent.
Kudos to Judith Rey Bill Don DoDo Punky Gwen
and the rest.
Thanx for all your efforts.
Jitter aka Larry

Larry Hylton

Re: WHS Class of 1955
Monday 16-Oct-2000 15:55:49
I agree completely with Bill Tolley and Jitter (aka Larry)Hylton. The reunion was OUTSTANDING!!!
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this reunion such a tremendous success.
I am looking forward to the pictures with great anticipation.

Paul Chapman

10-4 What ever happened to Who Are You??????????
Wednesday 4-Oct-2000 22:25:47
Where did who are you go?


Re: 10-4 What ever happened to Who Are You??????????
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 11:31:26
Looks like "Who Are You?" fell into the Chatter Box and Can't Get Out! When I last checked "Who Are You" was talkin' about Gravy! Here We Go Again...... Can someone tell me who exactly is "10-4" -- Might that be a "Roger"? I'll bet it is! I've been watching these MB's for a couple years and I've yet to see so much interest in anything like I've seen in "Who Are You?". It appears to be a distraction of sorts from all the otherwise boring debates and other craziness going on in the world around us. And that's not all bad! Let's keep "Who Are You?" alive. Funny silly but almost as good as a "Chatter Box" hamburger!

Re: Re: 10-4 What ever happened to Who Are You??????????
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 11:35:52
And who exactly are YOU??????

Re: 10-4 What ever happened to Who Are You??????????
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 12:09:40
Who Are You" Is Still Alive & Well and Listed Further Down On This Page!

Re: 10-4 What ever happened to Who Are You??????????
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 13:45:56
Lost the subject line. Went off into left field.

Re: Re: 10-4 What ever happened to Who Are You??????????
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 14:17:52
That's probably where it belongs! Just skip on down the MB and you'll find it! If'n you want to! It's gettin' crazy down there! LOL

Re: 10-4 What ever happened to Who Are You??????????
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 23:16:46
 10-4 in simple terms means over to you.


The Coalwood Way" featured in BOMC Views
Wednesday 4-Oct-2000 16:05:39
The November edition of Book of the Month Club's reviews features Homer Hickam's "The Coalwood Way." You can read that write up along with a few other reviews of the book at BOMC's online site HERE. If you can't make it to Coalwood this coming weekend to get this book and would like to order it BOMC is offering both "Rocket Boys" and "The Coalwood Way" at a 40% savings. If you are not a member of BOMC you can order the book through  or  Barnes & Noble
And don't forget some of us WHS kids are in "The Coalwood Way."

Donnie Skuja

Ooops I forgot something else
Wednesday 4-Oct-2000 16:12:16
I don't know if they are still accepting any but The Cape Coalwood Restoration Association were taking orders for "The Coalwood Way." Contact Reba Compton Bolt HC3l Box 82 Welch WV 2480l for more information. Her phone number is 304-297-4l24 and e-mail address is


Sunday 8-Oct-2000 21:35:40
Made it to the Rocket Boy festival Sat.
So did a zillion other people.
The signature line was a mile long and this Florida resident was freezing so I passed up that option.

Larry Hylton

Monday 9-Oct-2000 14:36:31
Ya'll keep checking Homer's web site for updates on where he will be on his book promotion tour. I noticed that he now has early November dates posted for Charleston and Bluefield. If you can't attend one of these book signings and/or was not able to get your copy of "The Coalwood Way" this past weekend in Coalwood click HERE or on any of the links on this site to order a copy.


New Stuff
Tuesday 3-Oct-2000 20:56:02
Additional pictures from the WHS Golden ('49 '50 & '51 classes) Anniversary Reunion can be seen HERE
Also another WHS couple has been added to our WHS Sweethearts page.

Donnie Skuja

whatever happened to you?.
Monday 2-Oct-2000 21:05:11
would like to know what you are doing these days.

james allen french jr.

Re: whatever happened to you?.
Tuesday 3-Oct-2000 22:12:35
Well anymore I do Scroll Sawing and Wood Carving and considering I practice the Prayer I am constantly praying.. I go to the local monastery whenever I am able which is not as much as I would like to but God's Will be done.. I maintain an Eastern Orthodox Christian Mission on the IRC Undernet named #Orthodox and have do so for the last 6 years.. I make Russian Crosses for anyone who wants one. I am a firm believer that everyone who considers themselves as the Faithful should have a cross.. I also make Walk Plaques Toys and cutouts in wood.. You can see some of my work at I also build Adirondack Chairs Benches and Porch Swings when someone wants them. I love working with woods like Apple Plum Cherry Aromatic Red Cedar and Walnut when I can get it. I perfer to do 3-D Animals. In most cases if you have a picture where you wish to put the image to wood and don't mind losing the picture because it will be my pattern I can pretty much do it.. I like working with wood because it gives me a chance to pray without being bothered and now that Fall has finally came I can work out in my tiny shop because it is cool now.Now it is your turn. <Smile>Michael the Sinner

Mike Zuchick

This Site Deserves An Award! How Do We Do That?
Monday 2-Oct-2000 10:09:00
Frequently I see other sites on the internet which have won special awards for their web page creativity design graphic arts and other stuff. I'm of the opinion that if any site deserves an award the WHS Alumni Site along with the WebMaster Don Juan Collins Skuja are most worthy of special recognition.
Does anyone know how sites are recommended for award consideration? I would expect Donnie Skuja to be very humble about seeking such recognition for her work. So it's up to those of us who appreciate this site to get the site the deserved recognition. I'm certain there are other former WHS students Welch and McDowell County residents who would support any recognition/award for which this site could be considered.
If anyone has an answer just post it and let's "light this candle" to begin the recommendation process. Thanks!


Re: This Site Deserves An Award! How Do We Do That?
Monday 2-Oct-2000 19:57:27
Hear hear!!! I'm in complete agreement with you...Donnie has been so devoted to this fantastic website and as far as I'm concerned deserves any and all accolades we can get for her. The constant work updates changing of backgrounds adding links of interest and just being an all-around GREAT LADY should qualify her for recognition!! My sister Diane and I were just talking on the phone this evening about how the WHS website has reacquainted so very many classmates who might never have heard from each other any other way. I check this site a couple of times DAILY.....and am ever grateful that Donnie conceived this idea in the first place. Let me know what we can do to garner Academy Award support for her!!!

Elinor Turner Bright

Re: This Site Deserves An Award! How Do We Do That?
Tuesday 3-Oct-2000 12:53:47
From what I've read on some of these internet award sites the information they request regarding nomination of a particular website for an award is pretty technical. It seems that most of these nominations for awards are submitted by the Webmasters on behalf of their own sites.
I'm sure DJ Skuja could probably do this if she was willing (and not too humble) to submit the WHS Alumni Website for award consideration. Knowing DJ she probably doesn't want all those tacky little trophies ribbons awards links etc. messing up the Home page of the site! Maybe if these awards offered "prize money" for recognition we could convince DJ to do it! Otherwise I would certainly respect DJ's decision not to mess with the integrity of her work on this outstanding site. She'd probably prefer our occasional "Thanks" to that of a trophy or blue ribbon anyway! If so here's another great big THANKS to Don Juan Collins Skuja!


This web site DOES merit an award.
Wednesday 4-Oct-2000 18:50:58
I have to agree that the WHS Alumni Web Site deserves an award but it's not the kind some of you have in mind. The award would be for all of you who visit the site, for those of you who are willing to entrust the US Postal service and me with your pictures so others might enjoy them, for you who make us all keep coming back to this message board to enjoy all the reminiscing and joking (don't tell me you haven't got a tear in your eye reading some of these messages or laughed yourself silly over others), and for those who care enough about the site to let me know when things aren't working right or when I've royally messed things up.
It IS a great web site and I'm just as proud of it as you all are. But don't forget YOU are what makes it a good site. Without your interest and your input there would be no reason to bother with it. Then I'd have to do something rash to fill my idle time like go out and get a real job in the real world and we can't have that. Just be thankful I don't have any grandchildren.
I do appreciate those of you who recognize that keeping up the site does require a bit of time and dedication but trust me it's done out of love for my hometown, my school, my family, and all the other good people from "The Patch."

The WebMaster

Re: This web site DOES merit an award.
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 23:33:30

WHS Alumni

to "WHS Alumni"
Friday 6-Oct-2000 22:36:06
Aw that was real sweet. Who is this person who knows HTML? Do you want to help with the web site? The pay ain't all that great but the fringe benes are SUPER.

Donnie Skuja

Looking for Graduates of Gary High school of 1957
Sunday 1-Oct-2000 21:00:24
Would like to hear from anyone graduating from Gary High School Gary wv in 1957 I understand the school no longer exist. Doe anyone know if there are any class reunions

Glen Minton

Re: Looking for Graduates of Gary High school of 1957
Monday 2-Oct-2000 09:46:26
Glen: You might want to try the Gary High School Coaldigger website. I'm sure if there's a reunion for GHS it'll be posted on this site. Here's the web address:  Hope this helps!

Re: Re: Looking for Graduates of Gary High school of 1957
Monday 2-Oct-2000 12:38:46
Glen also if you go down to the bottom of this page and click on WHS Alumni Web Site and then click on "Other Links of Interest" at the top of that page you will find web sites for a lot of schools in McDowell County and many other great local sites. Enjoy!

September where did it go?
Saturday 30-Sep-2000 15:39:26
Take a minute to share memories of September's gone bye.
As summer passes autumn is here. Halloween is
knocking at the door oh my dear.
Around the bend upon us Thanksgiving will be.
Then Christmas will be here.
A new year is started once again to repeat all the days of a year.

Hoping this makes you grin.

Sharing Memories

Poetically speaking I think it just "went South".
Sunday 1-Oct-2000 14:42:04

Re: Poetically speaking I think it just
Tuesday 3-Oct-2000 15:22:57
By the way that "went South" thing wasn't a slam on your poem. It's just a Yankee way of saying (on October 1st) that September's over! I've always said "You have to be a Yankee to appreciate a Yankee!" I'm still working on that! Ain't found one yet that I appreciate and I'm up here livin' with 'em. I'll take the good ol' West Virginny south of the Mason-Dixon Line any day! This "Yankee" thing is way "over the top" for me! No wonder they fought that War. Some of us still are!

Re: Poetically speaking I think it just
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 23:28:48
I Know

Info about WV authors
Saturday 30-Sep-2000 15:21:09
Some kind soul emailed me today about the Mountain Lit web site which provides information about past and present West Virginia authors and their writing. There are at least 2 from McDowell County (I'm aware of) they do not include; otherwise it is an excellent source for finding reading material by West Virginia authors.

Donnie Skuja

My new Webpage
Thursday 28-Sep-2000 19:25:54
In Christ all

Mike Zuchick

Lookin' GOOD
Saturday 30-Sep-2000 15:29:43
Congratulations to Mike. His web site is very easy on the eyes and definitely portrays a part of his life that means very much to him.

Donnie Skuja

Re: Lookin' GOOD
Tuesday 3-Oct-2000 18:11:57
Thanks Donnie.. Now that I think I have it working the way I want I placed a Link to the WHS Alumni Page..

Mike Zuchick

Printing Messages
Thursday 28-Sep-2000 08:08:36
Does anyone know if there's a quick way to print out multiple messages or do you have to print them one at a time?

Re: Printing Messages
Thursday 28-Sep-2000 11:18:57
Not sure that I understand your message but I'm inclined to believe that we can only submit messages individually rather than in multiple numbers. Frankly I think most of us are challenged to submit even ONE message at a time as opposed to being ultra-proficient in multi-tasking on message boards.  I would think Donnie Skuja our Webmaster should be able to answer your question. DJ knows everything! I'm sure you'll hear from her once she reads your posting. I'll be curious to know the answer (assuming I can even understand it).

Re: Re: Printing Messages
Thursday 28-Sep-2000 11:43:52
Re-thinking the above if your interest is in "printing" messages as opposed to "submitting" messages I believe you can do that by using the "Copy" and "Paste" features within your Windows program. You'd simply highlight what you want to copy/paste print it and then move on to the next item/message and repeat the process. Then you could print all items/messages that you had copied/pasted to that point -- on the same document/paper. Again DJ is the "guru". I'll be very surprised if she doesn't have an answer/suggestion for you.

Re: Re: Re: Printing Messages
Thursday 28-Sep-2000 12:56:28
There may be an easier way but if I wanted to print several of these messages on one or more pages I'd use the suggested copy/paste method. You'll probably need to open a word processing program (Notepad Word etc.) then open a message from the message board that you want to print. Highlight that message then click Edit on your browser toolbar & select copy. Next go to the word processing program put your cursor where you want the copied material placed select Edit from your word processing program then select paste. Keep doing this with all the messages you want to print and then print them from the word processing program. You can also make these copy and paste selections (in both your word processing program and your browser) by using the right clicker on your mouse.  If somebody is aware of an easier way to do this please let us hear about it.

The "Guru" (how could I resist?)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Printing Messages
Friday 29-Sep-2000 09:29:45
See I knew the "Guru" would come through for you!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Printing Messages
Saturday 30-Sep-2000 04:10:14
A short cut for the copy is do control C and for the paste is control V. Saves a little time

Jerry Farris-57

October Sky Festival
Tuesday 26-Sep-2000 08:36:16
Just a reminder that Coalwood is having its second annual October Sky Festival on October 7. I'll be there along with the other Rocket Boys my mom and Ginger Dantzler (the Rocket Girl featured in the new memoir - The Coalwood Way). The Coalwood Way by the way will be on sale for the first time anywhere in Coalwood during the festival. It won't be released to the book stores until Oct. 10. Check out for my book tour schedule across the nation and if any of you live near the cities where I'll be please come out and see me if you can. It's always great to see a face from "home" when out on the road. For more information on the festival contact Reba Bolt at Hope to see you there!

Homer Hickam

Re: October Sky Festival
Friday 29-Sep-2000 22:48:16
I will be there.
Coalwood born Welch raised.

Larry Hylton

Coalfield Museum Opening in Welch
Sunday 24-Sep-2000 20:30:16
The History in Our Mountains Museum is scheduled to open within the next few weeks in what was the Superior Office Supply Building in downtown Welch. It is reported that the entire basement will be a replication of a coal mines. The first floor level will house a miniature company store/gift shop mining memorabilia and a Remembrance Wall honoring those connected with the coal industry.
If any of you get a chance to check out the new museum we'd love to hear about it.

Donnie Skuja

Doo Wop nostalgia
Sunday 24-Sep-2000 19:22:36
Just thought y'all might enjoy linking up to a neat web page...seems there's lots of people who enjoy the oldies but goodies and have designed web pages to promote their love for "those days gone by".
This one is in Wildwood NJ and there is a midi file of instrumentals and amazingly so it sounds rather good. So when you link up roll the carpet back and dance.
Here is the web page I was referring to:

phylenia snow french

For Real 50's & 60's Hits By Original Artists (Not Midi's) -- Go Here
Monday 25-Sep-2000 13:00:17
Here's an even better one. It's a great 50's & 60's Music site with over 125 original hits sung and played by the original artists. You can choose whatever classic song you want to hear! Just like a jukebox but it doesn't eat quarters! Here it is:

Let's Rock n Roll To The REAL Oldies!

Re: For Real 50's & 60's Hits By Original Artists (Not Midi's) -- Go Here
Wednesday 27-Sep-2000 16:45:32
I'm curious has anyone checked-out this site yet? I did and thought it was great! What'd YOU think? It's like the old Pochahontas Theater "Record Hop" revisited!

Still Lost In The 50's & 60's

Re: Re: For Real 50's & 60's Hits By Original Artists (Not Midi's) -- Go Here
Thursday 28-Sep-2000 11:01:04
Not only is the music great but there is also a section where you can listen to old radio programs! This is a good site very enjoyable.

More Real Audio Sites
Thursday 28-Sep-2000 13:17:28
This Back to the 50s site DOES have wonderful selections and seems to sound better on my PC than many of the other Real Audio sites. (Right now I'm bopping along to Roy Orbison's "Only the Lonely" and there is no fading in and out of the sound.)
I have added it and the RoseMar Oldies Jukebox #2 web site to our Real Audios  web page which lists many many other places on the Internet where you can listen to the original artists of musical selections from the 20s through the 90s.
Be sure to listen the the great 50s medley that plays when you open the RoseMar Oldies Jukebox web page.

Donnie Skuja

Re: More Real Audio Sites
Thursday 28-Sep-2000 14:49:23
Just like the rest of you I completely failed to see that we ALREADY have a link to this super Back to the 50s web site! Now we have TWO! If you haven't already click on their email link. There's another great midi there too.

Your Ditzy "Guru"

Forward for a Vista Worker seeking Info on Eckman.
Sunday 24-Sep-2000 10:40:13
Subject: Looking for information about Eckman
From: Daniella Ashkenazy <>
Hello  - I realize this is going to be a strange request. In 1966 I spent a summer with VISTA under the sponsorship of the Appalachian Volunteers in Eckman and Eureka  Hollow.
I am interested in getting some input about what has transpired in Eckman since I and three other AV volunteers were  there. Might you know someone who perhaps knows  what became of some of the children and youth  with which we worked at the time as well as a number of adults who were very close to the VISTA  project and whom I remember with great fondness?
I have full names on the pack of BxW photos I  took that summer as well as a journal I kept and letters I sent home over the summer. Of particular  interest - my "landlady" with whom I boarded -  Mrs. Annie Scott and the postmistress Mrs. Nester;  the Travis family (Bea) Foster and J.B. Scales  and his wife and granddaughter Ivy Scales - all  who were community initiators for change; Debby  Mitchell from Eureka Hollow - a half-Mexican girl who dreamed of going to college - a very unusual  aspiration at the time when most of the kids didn't  expect to finish high school...; Danny and Amos Combs and the Palmer twins - Brenda and Linda  children of two desperately poor families - and  dozens of others who remain smiling young people in  my memories - Nancy Christian, Anthony Hughs,  William Foster, Ronnie Wheeler, Grady Morris, Pam Morris, & Ellen Bowman.

Re: Forward for a Vista Worker seeking Info on Eckman.
Monday 9-Oct-2000 16:00:18
Mike !!--I have a friend who knows some people in Eckman. I copyed your request and she is going to send it to them and try to get the information you have requested. Will forward it to you as soon as we hear back from them. It might take a while but we will do the best we can.--------Harold---------

Harold Mitchem

Recent Deaths
Saturday 23-Sep-2000 12:38:36
A few recent deaths have been posted on the In Memoriam web page. They include Cindy Reece Sams Tony Larkin and Dale Mullins. Tony is the father of Tony and Richard Larkin also former WHS students. Please let us know if Dale Mullins' children also attended WHS.
Also Fonnie Lee Hager Tucker mother of Faye Ann Patsy June Twila and Trudy Tucker passed away 9/21/2000. I think Mrs. Tucker attended WHS but have not been able to confirm that information.

Donnie Skuja

Re: Recent Deaths
Tuesday 26-Sep-2000 09:10:48
Larry Dillon Class of l970 recently passed away . He lived in Coalwood. Sorry I didn't send in info when it was in the WDN I figured someone would so I don't have the specifics.

Diane Turner Clemins

Re: Re: Recent Deaths
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 20:18:38
Just read in the BDT where Nellie Saloun class '41 passed away in Princeton. clove

What has happened to the Message Board
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 13:18:08
In Christ all
Everytime I logon to the Message Board all I can get is this input screen to add a message.

Mike Zuchick III

Michael Try Clicking your "Refresh"/"Restart" Button When You Log-on To The MB. It's Done The Same To Me A Few Times Also. But Eventually Works Okay!
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 13:39:16

Re: Michael Try Clicking your
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 17:00:30
It's happened to me too but only in the past few days. I thought maybe it was my computer but I too hit the refresh button or just hit home and got back in and it was okay.

Re: What has happened to the Message Board
Friday 22-Sep-2000 10:04:14
It's working now.. Thanks

Mike Zuchick

Re: Re: What has happened to the Message Board
Friday 22-Sep-2000 16:42:01
I've been having the same problem with the message board. Sorry I didn't say anything about it; I figured it was my PC or my internet connection. Sometimes I have to right click and select "Open in New Window" to get the messages to open correctly and then other times that won't work!
Maybe it's time we started yet another new message board. But don't fret I'll save all the messages on this one and post them elsewhere in case somebody needs something to read late at night to put them to sleep. Actually I think that among all these messages there is some great material for a good book. The question is which one of these brilliant minds is up to putting it all together?

Donnie Skuja

You Are Who & Remember What????
Wednesday 20-Sep-2000 22:27:58
This seems to get more replies! So let run it again. Anybody remember the old swimming pool in Welch?
Is it still there?


Re: You Are Who & Remember What????
Wednesday 20-Sep-2000 23:07:16
You mean Linkous Park? I don't know if it is still in use but you hole is still in the ground.

You Are Who & Remember What????
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 03:53:05
Yes that was the name of that hole in the ground.
Thanks. At old age (19) the mind is the first thing to go.


Re: You Are Who & Remember What????
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 07:32:08
Not sure if the pool at Linkous Park is still open but I remember the concession stand and especially blue popsicles and all different kinds of candy. I thought it was so cool to see the older kids putting peanuts in the Coke bottles.

Re: Re: You Are Who & Remember What????
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 08:58:59
Carswell swiming hole is still there. You have to look close to see it the trees are takeing over. It sure looks so small now. When we were little it looked like a ocean. Sure have some good memories of the old place. Any of you out there have any memories from Carswell swimming pool ???????

Carswell swimming pool
Friday 22-Sep-2000 17:30:43
There's a few pictures of that Carswell pool on this web site. Try this link if you want to see them:
They are on the second or third page there.

Re: You Are Who & Remember What????
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 09:55:47
Linkous Pool is still around. I and a lot of my friends (Lida Polly Frances Becky Nikki Joey Sonny and a bunch more) spent many happy hours at that pool. That is when summer seemed to be a lot longer and we had a whole lot more time to do nothing but have fun.


Re: Re: You Are Who & Remember What????
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 14:04:25
I can remember taking swimming lessons at that pool! Then it was life saving lessons from Coach Gray and Jim Rose! Drema Legato and I took them at the same time and Jim used to try to drown me! Why? I just don't understand... but I was so light that even the weight belt wouldn't get me to the bottom of the pool!
Does anyone remember the girl from Gary whose "enhancers"... came out of the top of her bathing suit! Yep all you guys thought she was really built! hahahaha!!! Sure made my day since Barbie was larger than I was at that time!
I also remember Jimmy Joe Stamper and just how great of a diver he was...wish there had been someone around to coach him - I bet he could have made it to the Olympics! Yep Linkous Park was the place to go on a hot summer's day... even if you had to walk there and back from Havaco!

Re: Re: Re: You Are Who & Remember What????
Friday 22-Sep-2000 08:17:53

Re: You Are Who & Remember What????
Friday 29-Sep-2000 22:59:14
Got my picture in the Welch Daily News.
Title of the article "our kids need a public swimming pool". I was swimming in Browns Creek that day. Shortly after that the pool was built. And it was great.

Larry Hylton

Re: Re: You Are Who & Remember What????
Saturday 30-Sep-2000 19:46:42
Freddy Hardison was the best life guard. Jimmy Joe and Bob Gray were next.

'50s WHS Grad Glenna Pack book signing at Bramwell Oktoberfest
Wednesday 20-Sep-2000 13:50:00
On your way over to Coalwood on October 7 for the October Sky Festival you might want to stop for awhile at the Bramwell Oktoberfest. Glenna Christian Pack WHS '50 will be there selling signed copies of her cookbook "Cookin' In A Coal Camp."  Click HERE to read about the Bramwell Oktoberfest. You can review "Cookin' in a  Coal Camp" HERE.

Donnie Skuja

Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 15:23:01
Can someone clue me in. Who is Rj's 3b-w.

Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 16:15:51
Perhaps if we figured out who or what an Rj is we might be able to ascertain the identity of Rj's 3b-w. Sounds like a motor oil to me.

Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 17:12:44
I'm inclined to believe that Rj's 3b-w is someone who shares a common affectionate bond with our wonderful hometown of Welch but prefers not to have her/his name posted on message boards websites etc. That's not too uncommon in this "crazy" world of cyberspace. What's most important is that s/he identifies with that common feeling we all share in our early childhood and adolesence growing up in Welch. What's even more important is what s/he says; not necessarily who s/he is. This person obviously has a great understanding of Welch and some of us who live/d there. I'm sure when s/he reads these inquiries s/he'll determine if it's that important to divulge his/her name. In any event I like what s/he has to say!

Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 17:38:03
Rhea Jean

Re: Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 17:54:09
Yep that's who it is........We should have known all's Rhea Jean! Who is Rhea Jean??????????

Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 18:00:51
No way don't think so. In an earlier message about the "foo foo" wallpaper he mentioned his wife. Can't be Rhea but I'm betting she knows who it is. Could it be Bobby Greene?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 18:06:13
It could be...........He's a "cool dude"!!!!!! I bet it is!!!!!!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 18:21:56
TAG........YOU'RE IT......BOBBY GREENE (RJ's 3b-w)! Just like in the old days down in the alley behind the old post office! Or was it "Kick the can"? Remember?

Mystery of RJ's 3bpw
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 19:05:08
From within the coal dust mist that has loomed over our little town of Welch for 40 years will anyone ever be able to determine the true identity of the infamous RJ's 3b-w. Better yet will anyone ever be able to decypher what a 3b-w is? (the motor oil thing was good!) Or for that matter what a RJ is? The mystery lies deep within "them thar hills"! From what I've read we're way off the beaten path. To most it probably doesn't matter......but to others it's an enigma..........Who'll know the true identity of Rj's 3b-w? Given time (and enough people still trying to "get a life") the true identity of Rj's 3b-w will emerge. Clue: First we have to get "the new" RJ to emerge! Hey RJ that's your cue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Mystery of RJ's 3bpw
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 19:33:36
Does anyone else besides me realize that we seem to have the most fun with this message board when no one signs their name!!! At least we know we are out there although we may not know who we are!

Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 19:57:22
I don't think it could possibly be Bobby Greene. How bout it Rhea? Give us a hint.

Re: Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 20:13:01
Oh contrare I'll bet it is that Bobby Greene. I know he lived downtown......specially with that "Kick The Can" stuff in the alley. He always says such nice things about everyone. I know he and RJ (I think that's Rhea Jean Romans) are such good buddies! And from his previous messages on the board I know he remembers lots of stuff about Welch. Maybe he'll sign back on and read all this "cr_p" and let us know. Until he or whoever it is does let us know I'm hopelessly puzzled!

Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 21:26:27
Is this the same Bobby Greene that was in band in 70's?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 21:53:43
No this is the Bobby Greene who moved from Welch to Texas in the early 60's.

Who are you?
Wednesday 20-Sep-2000 14:41:58
Rhea Jean Romans and Bobby Green
Rj's stands for Rhea Jean's.

Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 20-Sep-2000 17:08:54

Jerry Farris....57

Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 20-Sep-2000 17:11:27
She is the snotty nosed little brat that my wife Wilma used to baby sit...

Jerry Farris....58

Re: Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 20-Sep-2000 17:22:58
She STILL IS Jerry! But we still love her just the same as you and Wilma did in those "babysitting" days! Can't imagine life without a Dear "Rhear"! Just wait til she sees this! Whew--eeee!


Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 20-Sep-2000 17:31:31
I'm sure it is Bobby Greene and Rhea Jean Romans. What I don't know is how or why we haven't heard from Rhea about all of this! I can't imagine why she hasn't had a comment. Are you O.K. Rhea?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 20-Sep-2000 22:35:12
Bobby? Bobby who? 3(b)+w???? DUH.... I don't know nuthin' about nuthin'! I am an INNOCENT Dirty Faced SNOT NOSED little BRAT! And I P'd in the bath water Wilma so there! NA NA NA NA NANA!!!

Dirty Faced Snot Nosed Little BRAT!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 03:54:23
Gee that sounds like Rhear

It Worked.....Our "New" Size 10 Rhear Is Back! Oh Lordy!
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 07:33:48
Yes thanks to Rj's3-bmw "Bernie" and Jerry (don't they make ice cream?) our "New Rhear" Jean Romans FINALLY came out to play! I guess that means we'd better be watchin' for the pay-back. Oh Lordy... Donnie Skuja I sure hope you'll be a sittin' on that "delete" key. I think we're goin' to need it!


Re: Who are you?
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 11:07:44
I don't know "who" started this "Who Are You" thing. But it has been lots of fun to read. As someone said to me in an email yesterday it woke up what had just become (for this great site) an unusually boring board and probably a few boring broads too! Whoever "Who Are You" is Thanks!

Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 11:58:01
That was supposed to be "bored broads" not "boring broads"........There is a difference you know! All in jest and in the spirit of good fun! I definitely don't want to "stir That pot"!

Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 13:37:31
Ahh well it seems that it is the guys who are the most bored or is it boring. I forget which! Ha!

Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 17:03:24
You're welcome. As I also said earlier this board seems to be the most fun when no one signs their name.


Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 21-Sep-2000 17:18:24
Here we go again. Now who exactly is Bernie?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Friday 22-Sep-2000 13:02:48
I am I Bernie is ???; Rj's 3(b)+w well she/he is she/he... fun we've had <you and I> riding this mystery out to sea out with the surf and in with the tide... running on the beach side by side. Climbing the mountain to it's highest peak then looking back on days gone by years and weeks thinking of the good times as we speak... Rj's 3(b)+w was just a close friend from the past and when together - THEY STILL HAVE A BLAST!
Right Rj's 3(b) + w!? :)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Friday 22-Sep-2000 14:51:33

Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Saturday 23-Sep-2000 11:03:22
I only knew 2 "Bernies" in Welch. One was "Bernie" Swope and the other was "Bernie" the taxi driver for Welch City Cab. He always drove with the window down left arm out with huge tatoos of the Marine Corps emblem and Semper Fi on it (his arm). Could this be our "Bernie"?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Saturday 23-Sep-2000 18:36:10
Yes I remember "Bernie" the taxi driver. In the winter he would wear one of those black and gold shiney jackets with a map of "Okinawa" on the back of it. I always thought that was the "coolest" jacket. He used to take his "breaks" out in front of The Recreation. I think he and "Hatticall" and "Sister Brooks" were all buddies.......Remember those characters on McDowell Street? Is this the "Bernie" on our WHS website? IIIIIIIIIIIIdon't think so. I think our "Bernie" might not be a he........but a SHE. What do you think........and who do you think "Bernie" is?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Sunday 24-Sep-2000 08:55:44
I can assure you that this "Bernie" DID NOT know Hatticall! I had forgotten all about those two characters!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Sunday 24-Sep-2000 14:31:51
Yes "Bernie" and then there was one more downtown character.......His name was "Wert". He used to hang around in front of the original Franklin Dairy......right next to where "Sister Brooks" would sit in a chair (or on a pop crate) and curse at us on our way to the Pochahontas.....probably because us meanin's would tease him all the time. We were so bad; but it kept the street interesting! By the way "Bernie"........WHO ARE YOU?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Sunday 24-Sep-2000 15:53:27
Wert and Bernie? Is that anything like Bert and Ernie?

Who Is Bernie?
Monday 25-Sep-2000 12:23:15
Will the real "Bernie" ever come forward. We know it's not our dears Rhea or Bobby. But who is "Bernie"???? He or she knows of "Sister Brooks" and Hattical so he or she must have lived near downtown. The only other thing we know is that he or she likes Sesame Street! That's little to go on. So come on Bernie give us another clue!

I'll Bet She Likes Doo-Wop! I Know She Likes Doo-Wop!
Monday 25-Sep-2000 13:32:48
Here we go again............Who is "Doo-Wop"???

Re: I'll Bet She Likes Doo-Wop! I Know She Likes Doo-Wop!
Monday 25-Sep-2000 15:28:41
OOOOOOOOh my dear "Bernie"..............Will it ever end?

Re: Re: I'll Bet She Likes Doo-Wop! I Know She Likes Doo-Wop!
Monday 25-Sep-2000 16:30:01
Hope not!

Re: Re: I'll Bet She Likes Doo-Wop! I Know She Likes Doo-Wop!
Wednesday 27-Sep-2000 07:33:40
Well Rj's 3(b)+w better Bernie than you! You go Bernie! Left left left right left... GUIDE RIGHT BERNIE!

Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 26-Sep-2000 10:57:26
Who/what are Hatticall and Sister Brooks?

Re: Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 26-Sep-2000 12:38:35
Both individuals were two lost souls of apparent misfortune who appeared daily on the streets and in the alleys of Welch for years back during the 50's and early 60's. Their behaviors were unexplainable and probably best described as bizarre. Some of us downtown kids were not very tolerant of their behavior nor were they of ours. Perhaps we should have been more understanding of those two people with needs we really never cared to know. Looking back I'm sorry I wasn't.

Re: Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 27-Sep-2000 07:31:06
Let's just say that they didn't have full time jobs but the pay was good for what they did for a living!

Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 27-Sep-2000 08:17:49
Okay.......Time to change the subject! I think we've answered that particular question! Hey back then a "job" was a job. Who else was out there that would be a good "Who Are You"? I think someone might be on to "Bernie's" true identity. It wasn't me "Snowflake"!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 27-Sep-2000 08:19:22
Okay here we go again. Who exactly is/was "Snowflake"?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Friday 29-Sep-2000 06:20:02
SNOWFLAKE!? Now there's a name! Just an extension of other names I have been known to use...? I do like Doo Wop... listen to it non - stop... I didn't know Hatticall - but what I heard and saw made me certainly drop my jaw!
Bernie is my friend and so is Rj's 3(b)+w and hopefully they will be my friend until the very end...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Friday 29-Sep-2000 09:27:11
You got it Bernie Snowflake Doo-Wop......We're with you til the very end! Okay now then who exactly is "Bernie" "Snowflake" and "Doo-Wop"? Here we go again!

Re: Who are you? I Think We've Set A Record!
Wednesday 27-Sep-2000 10:15:35
Of course only Donnie Skuja will know for sure but I think this "Who Are You" trail of trivia has probably set a record for most postings ever on the WHS Message Board! It's a dubious distinction.....but a distinction nonetheless!

Re: Who IS Texas Ditzy Blonde Guru Honeychile Music Master With The Popped Cork?????
Friday 29-Sep-2000 10:55:04
Can someone clue me in? Who is this strange sounding person? Can this actually be someone we know or has our site been spammed by some "dingaling" from Texas? Whoever he or she is they must be a "humdinger" with one heck of an interesting lifestyle. Can't be anyone from Welch! Or could it be?

Re: Re: Who IS Texas Ditzy Blonde Guru Honeychile Music Master With The Popped Cork?????
Friday 29-Sep-2000 21:57:41
The one and only Rhear Romans is the Ditzy Blonde. Enough said.

Who Cares

Re: Re: Re: Who IS Texas Ditzy Blonde Guru Honeychile Music Master With The Popped Cork?????
Saturday 30-Sep-2000 05:11:37
You do 3(b) you do!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Who IS Texas Ditzy Blonde Guru Honeychile Music Master With The Popped Cork?????
Saturday 30-Sep-2000 06:36:51
Hey RJ that "who cares" thing wasn't me! Of course I care......we all (well maybe most)do!3b-w

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who IS Texas Ditzy Blonde Guru Honeychile Music Master With The Popped Cork?????
Saturday 30-Sep-2000 15:18:53
Give Rhear a break. Gee she is old

who cares

That Wasn't Me Either RJ!
Saturday 30-Sep-2000 16:59:12
I promise RJ that wasn't me either! But I like the way they think! :-) 3b-w

Re: That Wasn't Me Either RJ!
Sunday 1-Oct-2000 17:48:27
Snowflake" "Bernadette/Bernie" "Doo-Wop" was that you?????

Re: Re: That Wasn't Me Either RJ!
Sunday 1-Oct-2000 18:00:02
Nope not me.

Are There Any Other "Who Are You's" Out There?
Monday 2-Oct-2000 09:38:56

Re: Are There Any Other
Monday 2-Oct-2000 09:45:16
I'm here!

Re: Re: Are There Any Other
Monday 2-Oct-2000 09:51:43
Here we go again can someone tell me exactly who "I'm" is?

Re: Re: Re: Are There Any Other
Monday 2-Oct-2000 12:33:50
I'd just like to have a quarter for every time somebody said "Here we go again!"

Re: Re: Re: Re: Are There Any Other
Monday 2-Oct-2000 12:44:40
Yep you'd be rich for sure! There's stuff in here that's as good (well almost as good) as pannin' for gold!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Are There Any Other
Monday 2-Oct-2000 12:46:00
Now then can someone tell me exactly Who Is "Woodie"?

Here We Go Again!
Monday 2-Oct-2000 12:47:45

This Has To Be A RECORD! (If not a recording!) LOL
Monday 2-Oct-2000 12:51:14

Re: This Has To Be A RECORD! (If not a recording!) LOL
Monday 2-Oct-2000 13:13:27
Is anyone else signing in from work or are you all at home now?

Re: Re: This Has To Be A RECORD! (If not a recording!) LOL
Monday 2-Oct-2000 14:05:09
probly both why?

Who are you?
Wednesday 4-Oct-2000 22:22:49
Stay with the subject line. Follow the leader

Who are you

Re: Who are you?
Monday 2-Oct-2000 14:36:27
Just curious. I write from both home and work. Like to keep up with the goings on.<

Re: Re: Who are you?
Monday 2-Oct-2000 16:41:53
I have lost track of who I really am; but given time I will remember - maybe... Who are you? A graduate of Welch High School? Yes or no it doesn't matter just have fun and keep up the chatter!

Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Monday 2-Oct-2000 16:53:48

Chatter" Is Good!
Monday 2-Oct-2000 17:16:06
Maybe we should rename the "Who Are You?" thing the "Chatter Box"! Wow does that bring back memories and a LOAD of stuff to "chat" about!

Again "Here We Go Again" Who Is Woodie?
Tuesday 3-Oct-2000 18:09:32
Can somebody tell us who exactly is "Woodie"?

Wednesday 4-Oct-2000 13:38:25
Chatter Box -- wasn't that the name of a restaurent in McDowell Co. -- maybe up at Big Four? My memory is fading so I'm not sure. Help!

Wednesday 4-Oct-2000 15:14:41
That's an "affirmative" on "The Chatter Box". See you've still got it. How could we EVER forget The Chatter Box!

Thursday 5-Oct-2000 09:28:32
GREAT! Now that we know the Chatter Box really existed. Does anyone know what they put into their "burgers"? ie: "the secret ingredient"

Re: Re: Re: Re: CHATTER BOX (Secret Recipe)
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 09:48:43
If you'll go back on this Message Board to the entries posted by Patricia Richardson Bell on March 7 2000 (and several related postings under it) you'll see a lot of dialogue on the Chatter Box "Hamburger Helper" recipe etc. Also the Chatter Box hamburger is the topic of other postings on April 8 2000 especially the one by Danny Bohin who found a "secret ingredient" that's a close match to the old "Chatter Box". Hope this helps! Now HERE WE GO AGAIN! WHO ARE YOU??????? (Had to do it!)

Thursday 5-Oct-2000 09:55:31
The Chatter Box. Used to eat there a lot when I worked in Kimball in the late 60's. Only restaurant in Big Four. I liked their open hot roast beef and mash potato sandwiches. Yum!

Re: Re: Gravy
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 10:02:38
Forgot the most important thing on the sandwich--the gravy. Double Yum.

Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 4-Oct-2000 07:05:52
The mystery deepens. Is Woodie really a he or could it be a she or perhaps it's another code name? Was he a WHS student or one of the characters that hung around in and around McDowell St. Come on Woodie Bernie and the gang want to know.

Re: Who are you?
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 10:44:47
Just went back and re-read all the messages about the Chatter Box from March. Finally found Danny Bohin's in June I think. Anyway he said the ingredients in the burgers included: garlic bread onion egg paprika salt pepper and oregano. He also mentioned "Zeus" Greek Seasoning that he purchases in Atlanta which comes close. Yum yum may have to check out Wally World and see if they carry it. Hope this helps.

Chatter Box

Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 11:39:55
Looks like "Who Are You?" has "relocated" to the top of this Message Board in order to finally be extracted from the Chatter Box stuff. It's a shame to break the current posting chain here under "Who Are You". But no matter "Who You Are" change happens! At least "Who Are You" is still alive. Here we go again. Does anyone know WHO "Who You Are" really is?

Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 11:52:58
Yes I think we established who the original Who Are You is. As for the others I think we sort of got off track somewhere along the way. Have we figured out who Snowflake and Bernie and Woodie are yet?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 12:04:32
No. all them names there got me confused for sure. Don't have no clue on thse snow flake bernie woodie thing. Sound like some body we should know. But got this plate in my head and cant rmember to good. we defnitly need some help on them names. i just need some help period.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 12:09:27
LOL you got that right! :)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 12:13:48
Yep was that "classic" or what? LOL


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 12:29:24
Okay I'll bite. Who's plate-head? (Probably more than one of us could qualify for that one)!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 13:09:11
I think I know this one. He's that kid who used to play hide & seek by himself up at the slate dump in Anawalt back in the 60s! Has to be him! I know it is. Does anybody else remember him or his real name? I think that's how he got that plate.

Neon Moon
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 13:43:18
The whole world turns blue!!!!!

Thursday 5-Oct-2000 13:36:45

Thursday 5-Oct-2000 14:24:59
Yep I think when the whole world starts turning blue (still ain't figured that'n out) that's probably a good time to say farewell to ol' "Who Are You"...........It was a fun ride anyway! By the way exactly "Who Are You"? (Couldn't help myself!) See ya later "Bernie" "Snowflake" "Woodie" and all (whoever ya'll are!)

Thursday 5-Oct-2000 14:34:16
Hey it ain't over till it's over.

Re: Who are you? Let's Help Find "Subject Line" -- Whoever That IS?
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 15:35:40

Re: Re: Who are you? Let's Help Find
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 15:37:37
Okay Here We Go Again Can Someone Tell Me Who Exactly Is This "Lost Subject Line"?

Re: Re: Re: Who are you? Let's Help Find
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 16:55:26
I get another quarter for "here we go again. Thanks!

Re: Who are you?
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 17:01:55
If the only thing 10-4 lost was his subject line he shouldn't worry.

Re: Chatter Box
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 17:38:39
Gee you mean this wasn't about the Chatter Box?

Re: Re: Chatter Box
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 23:08:37

Wish I knew
Thursday 5-Oct-2000 23:13:54
 Where is 10-4 at?
Who Are You?

Re: Wish I knew
Friday 6-Oct-2000 13:39:53
Snowflake Frostedflake Bernie Chatter Box Doo Wop and 10-4 too; even that Ditzyblonde who likes to dance - do the "Be Bop" - Hattiecall Woody Ma' and 3(b) too! Listen close for I say this to all of you... Hear me LOUD Listen Well - I think this website is really swell! It brings us together friends of long ago and we speak of days gone by days of solid gold days like those remembered - help to heal the soul. Neon Moon friends of days gone by bright lights too - remember this for all your days - "WHO ARE YOU" LOVES ALL OF YOU!


Here We Go Again!
Friday 6-Oct-2000 16:33:52
Can someone tell me who exactly is " aperfectprincess4u"? Whoever she might be I sure like the nice way she says what she says! Sounds like the perfect princess 2 me!

Re: Here We Go Again!
Friday 6-Oct-2000 17:26:30
Who Are You???????????????? Everyone loves a mystery.

Re: Re: Here We Go Again!
Sunday 8-Oct-2000 00:04:32
Midnight is the bewitching hour - I am here are you there?... Hello hello my "frog prince" dear tell me truly are you near? Is the time for meeting soon at hand - will you be my perfect man...or will you laugh and get my "goad" as you turn into an ugly toad?... Who are you who are you I hear myself plead within are you real or are you only a whisper upon the wind never to visit my doorstep again?...


Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again!
Sunday 8-Oct-2000 00:39:21

Re: Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again!
Sunday 8-Oct-2000 16:45:19
Should I kiss you or should I flee are you here to fulfill my needs of knowing "who are you" - snowflake frostedflake 3(b) too!? Tell me know "Froggy" - WHAT SHOULD I DO!?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again!
Sunday 8-Oct-2000 17:17:26
First off a shrink might be able to help with the "frog fettish". But don't give up on the poetry (or sorts). It's kinda good! Rrrrribbbbbitttt!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again!
Sunday 8-Oct-2000 18:04:21
It's obvious that you have never heard about the "Frog and the Princess" fairy tale - how sad... My wish for you - LOADS OF TOADS!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again!
Tuesday 10-Oct-2000 07:46:57
Ohhhhh "Froggy" where can you be - I called you a Toad and now you're mad at me! Please come back know that you are missed - better than that - SMACK - you've just been kissed!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again!
Tuesday 10-Oct-2000 08:05:10
That old Froggie got mad cause you said he was bad; he done leaped on to another far distant pad. I don't expect him back from his new abode; especially since you called him an ugly old toad. The princess so fair didn't seem to care that she scorned that old Froggie into fits of despair. So Adios! princess a toad he may be; you done hurt his feelin's as bad as this poem's hurtin' me! Rrrrrrriibbbbittttt

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again!
Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 07:17:49
You go girl or whoever you are!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again!
Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 11:26:26
That wasn't no girl.......That was me.....a HE....... "Froggy"!

Yep This'n Here's Gotta Be A Record! "Who Are You" Is One Long Query!
Friday 6-Oct-2000 18:37:08
Just wonderin' how many of us have actually gone through here and read every one of these "Who Are You?" postings! We done set a record on this site for sure! As long as we keep the "stuff" half way meanin'ful if not totally entertainin' this here could turn into a site in itself! Lordy help us! Whew! I wonder if the WebMistress has seen all this stuff? Bet she has....and loves it as much as usn's do!

Plate-Head's Social Worker

Re: Yep This'n Here's Gotta Be A Record!
Saturday 7-Oct-2000 19:04:55
Oh my yes I have read all these entries; try to read them every day. Wait too long and one gets dizzy just trying to weed through the stuff. It's pure total silliness something that helps keep us young in our minds if not in our bodies so just keep on being silly. We can always open up a new board when this one runs out of space.

The Webmistress

Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 11:29:43
Okay Here we go again. Can someone clue me in? Who exactly is this "Perfect Princess 4 U" and Who exactly is "Froggy"?

Re: Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 11:50:05
I want to know who plate head is! Sounds interesting!

Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Wednesday 11-Oct-2000 13:53:49
I think that Plate-Head person is the same one who said he had that steel plate in his head as the result of an accident while playing hide 'n seek by himself in the slate dumps up near Anawalt. Having read some of his entries he seems to be a pretty smart fellow. But that plate must shift on him every once in awhile. Or he might have inhaled just a little too much sulphur while playing in that slate dump! Whatever like you I think he's an interesting person too!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 12-Oct-2000 11:39:58
Hop on that new pad you ole' toad.   But I tell you now - that pond is cold!  You'll miss this "perfect princess"  I promise you that; and before long  you'll want to hop on back... But ALAS little froggie that lily pad is gone for the "perfect princess" has found a new home. Her castle now sits near the water where all the little fishes are doin' what they "oughta"... So sorry little toad miss you I will; but hey try looking on "BlueBerry Hill"  If you should ever turn into a Prince... I hope your big white horse will jump my moat if not just call and I'll send over a boat!...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Who are you?
Thursday 12-Oct-2000 14:54:28
I got a bead on that Princess I know who she is; and a mighty big "moat" I can imagine it is! So until we can visit in our own special way I'll be "out of here" awhile 'til another better day. Still love ya though in that friendly special way. Those Welch High School memories will never fade away!


Hey Bernie/Snowflake Where Are You? We're Jumpin "Moats" To Save "Who Are You"!
Thursday 12-Oct-2000 16:58:52

Re: Hey Bernie/Snowflake Where Are You? We're Jumpin
Thursday 12-Oct-2000 17:56:01
Bernie and Snowflake are chillin' waitin' for "Perfect Princess" to do her dealin'; jumping moats riding boats let's just hope that Froggie floats... Castles in the sand castles in the sky froggies can swim - but can a Princess really fly? Wings she may think she has - but I bet it's those horns that make her so very bad! So Bernie Snowflake...go save "plate head" and Froggie! Plate head is lost and Froggie is foggy! Sugar spun castles we know are not real but having fun with all of you is really a deal - and maybe even a thrill!  So keep asking over and over "Who Are You" and maybe someday I will tell you true that a Princess I am not - but neither are you...

Re: Hey Bernie/Snowflake Where Are You? We're Jumpin
Friday 13-Oct-2000 08:10:20
Wow sure lost this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Re: Hey Bernie/Snowflake Where Are You? We're Jumpin
Friday 13-Oct-2000 09:12:59
I'm still here. Just trying to understand/figure out some of these messages!

Re: Re: Re: Hey Bernie/Snowflake Where Are You? We're Jumpin
Friday 13-Oct-2000 10:16:21
I know what you mean. I think that "Princess4u" person is all tanked up on "the sourmash"! She's done scared off ole Froggie & PlateHead! No tellin how many more she's scared off! :)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey Bernie/Snowflake Where Are You? We're Jumpin
Saturday 14-Oct-2000 18:21:05
It's Friday night the full moon is bright and all the fans are screaming FIGHT TEAM FIGHT! Half time is here and the TEAM is ahead the Queen of Homecoming wears a crown upon her head... The band is playing "Fascination" and Bernie hears "GUIDE RIGHT can't you do it right just this one night!" Then suddenly the crowd gets quite... out on the field is a wonderous sight; Bernie 3(b) Snowflake and Plate Head too... are marching down the field with "a Perfect Princess 4U"... We Hail Maroon and White - what a wonderous sight Striving to Excell - and succeed - YES! WE SHALL! The MAROON WAVES beat those old Beavers in 1964; sent them packing right out that door! Shocked they were - embarrassed too; and about that wet field - I LOST MY SHOE! Stuck in the mud as I marched on that grass - I didn't stop just made a dash - didn't want Kenny Robert's trombone up my _ ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies Welch BEAT those Beavers before the Princess' own eyes! So Bernie 3(b) Plate Head and Snowflake too - I know you were COLD that night - my hat is off to you!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey Bernie/Snowflake Where Are You? We're Jumpin
Sunday 15-Oct-2000 17:37:12
Psssssst anybody out there?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey Bernie/Snowflake Where Are You? We're Jumpin
Monday 16-Oct-2000 11:17:50
Rrriiiiiibbbbbbbbbiiitttttt! Real quiet at my pad! Maybe that "princess" is asleep and she'll stay that way (Shhhhhh..) til that handsome prince she's forever lookin' for plants that smacker on them volatile (err.. I meant voluptious) lips. If so woe be on him (and us too)!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey Bernie/Snowflake Where Are You? We're Jumpin
Monday 16-Oct-2000 11:25:53
Okay so you've got a frog out here that can't spell! Ol Froggie meant to correctly spell "voluptuous"! Must be them warts on my brain!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey Bernie/Snowflake Where Are You? We're Jumpin
Monday 16-Oct-2000 20:26:43
Psssssssst! Rj's 3(b) Bernie Snowflake too... where in this world did you all go - WHEW! This Perfect Princess Froggie and Plate head are causing this board to go dead! So come on guys get on the wagon - keep this message board from draggin'

Re: Who are you?
Tuesday 17-Oct-2000 11:27:56
When you were growing up did you consider your family to be upper income middle income or lower income?
Just Wondering

Here We Go Again! Who Is "Just Wondering"
Tuesday 17-Oct-2000 14:48:11
Here we go again. Can somebody tell us who exactly "Just Wondering" might be? In answer to the question about income we were "lower income" to "NO income" but really didn't care. Still don't particularly care for the question cause it didn't and doesn't really matter. We were happy healthy and eventually out of there. But still love the place...just don't know why!?

Re: Here We Go Again! Who Is
Tuesday 17-Oct-2000 19:20:19
I think it's an interesting question. I guess I always thought we were middle class income wise growing up. I was always aware there were people who had more and those who had less. I can remember that we never had a lot of extras but always had enough food to eat and clothes to wear. I never felt like we had to go without but looking back now I can see it was our parents who made us feel that way. They probably sacrificed more than we'll ever know. You may be right that it really doesn't matter but I think it's made us who we are today and that does matter.

Re: Re: Here We Go Again! Who Is
Tuesday 17-Oct-2000 19:34:29
Lacking in coin but RICH in soul... Let your mind travel back take a good look around you - what more could one have asked for?... And yes it did make us what we are today... Still RICH of SOUL...


Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again! Who Is
Wednesday 18-Oct-2000 16:45:05
<font size=+5 color=blue> Must be something in the water !!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again! Who Is
Wednesday 18-Oct-2000 17:39:13
Yeah - that Froggie! That's what is in the water!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again! Who Is
Wednesday 18-Oct-2000 18:51:11
Looks like 3bean DooWops Froggie Snowflakes Platehead and Bernie have moved on to another pond........never to return to this one. I bet it finally got too crowded in this pond for all them creatures and folks......specially with that All4one4u4everyonePrincess chasing after them. I think they all got scared away. What do you think?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Here We Go Again! Who Is
Thursday 19-Oct-2000 00:14:26
I saw that Princess just today - she was headed down the road - out your way... so be careful little froggie; she has a net and she's out to get you - on that you can bet!

To: A Princess 4 U: PLEEZ send me an ekiss...
Tuesday 24-Oct-2000 21:48:32

Re: To: A Princess 4 U: PLEEZ send me an ekiss...
Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 00:47:52
SMMMMMMMMMMACK! YUMMMMMMM! Fly breath!  But that's ok "froggy" I know you are truly my "Prince Charming" just waiting for that big kiss! So Froggy Froggy there you are - come to me by boat plane or car... I don't care just so you with me soon I hope - for you I will even clean out the moat! Snowflake please don't make it cold so my "Prince Charming" so brave and bold can come to me this very day and tell me he has come stay...Ditzyblonde you stay away - this one is mine and he is here to stay! Ain't tht right 3(B)and Bernie too - Platehead keep watch and keep him safe - don't let that ditzyblonde away from me take - him to her "pumpkin shell" where she could keep him very well... So Froggy I beg of you to hurry to my side so I can REALLY KISS YOU!


Re: Ribiiiiitt Darn it Ribiiiiitt Darn it.....
Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 07:34:07
I knew this Froggie should've taken another look when I sent that email from my address book. I sent that message to the Princess by mistake I wanted it to go to that dear Snowflake.
After all I've done to hide poor me even changed endings of my name from "y" to "ie". But that Princess has found me in grass so tall even hired detectives to take Froggie's picture....pc and all.
I wish they'd grabbed this Froggie.....picked me up you see cause if you've ever picked up a frog you know we P!
So this is what I get for my dreadful mistake...a desperate ol' Princess instead of a beautiful Snowflake! Ribbbitt Darn it....Ribbbiiiiiitt....Darn it :(


Re: Re: Ribiiiiitt Darn it Ribiiiiitt Darn it.....
Thursday 26-Oct-2000 13:10:08
Oh Froggie Froggie Froggie dear never you fear your SnowFlake is here... waiting for you to hop on over and pleeeeeze don't P on my 4 leaf clover... it's my good luck charm and will bring you to me and I promise never to set you free!


Re: Re: Re: Ribiiiiitt Darn it Ribiiiiitt Darn it.....
Thursday 26-Oct-2000 13:37:37
You have to be the Faux Snowflake don't you see cause the Real Snowflake would never say P! I can't trust the words as true seeds she's sewn for the Faux Snowflake who wrote Froggie is PP4U and to all is known. Froggie likes the attention from PP4U but cautions her also to be only you! To pretend to be Snowflake makes Froggie much sadder. He'd write some more but needs to go empty his bladder! :)


Re: Re: Re: Ribiiiiitt Darn it Ribiiiiitt Darn it.....
Thursday 26-Oct-2000 22:01:25
A Faux Snowflake she might be but her heart is as pure as the fallen snow and that Froggie gives her a certain glow...that makes her warm and fuzzy all inside - Froggie Froggie please don't hide...hop on out here and by her be so little SnowFlake can never flea to PP4U's Castle high on the hill where in the North Tower she would be kept against her will...when you arrive we'll ride in the boat around the Castle in that moat then out to the Ocean we'll ride high on the sea and forever happy we will be...

Homer Hickam's new book The Coalwood Way available 10/7
Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 14:33:12
The Cape Coalwood Restoration Association and
their group will be selling 1st editions of Homer Hickam's new book "The Coalwood Way" at the October Sky Festival on October 7 2000. However if you can't make it to the Festival I understand you can order the book from the Restoration Association and request that Homer personally sign the book adding any name on the book you request. The cost is $30.00 plus $3.00 postage. Send your order with a check payable to The Cape Coalwood Restoration Association at this address: Reba Compton Bolt HC3l Box 82 Welch WV 2480l. Her phone number is 304-297-4l24 and e-mail address is   Also note that the book tour for The Coalwood Way is now posted at
Be sure to check to see if/when Homer will be in your area.

& Some of us WHS kids are in it!
Saturday 23-Sep-2000 19:17:39
For those of you who were concerned that no Welch kids were mentioned in "Rocket Boys " be sure to get yourself a copy of "The Coalwood Way." A few of us are actually in this story and we're at WHS when it happens. Some of you may even remember participating in this particular event wrapping gifts for Salvation Army Christmas baskets. The folks mentioned may not have actually been there on the specific night Homer writes about but it is something that really happened.
If you enjoyed "Rocket Boys/October Sky" (and who didn't?) you will definitely want to read "The Coalwood Way."
Be sure to get your very own copy and read about Bill Phipps Benny Chaos Brenda Conn Fredda Horne & me.

Donnie Skuja

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